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Create a Data Scientist Resume That Gets Noticed

Did you know that employers spend less than 11 seconds viewing a resume before deciding if they want to accept or reject it?

With such a small window of time to catch a recruiter or hiring manager’s attention, your resume needs to stand out. Especially if you’re looking to land a gig in a hot field like data science.

Even if you’re experienced and have exceptional skills, you won’t score a coveted role in your industry without an eye-catching data scientist resume. You need a resume that sets you apart by demonstrating your experience and expertise. 

Here’s how to make it happen.

Your Data Scientist Resume: Getting Started

Knowing that your data scientist resume is going to be viewed and scanned quickly, it’s important to focus on keeping it succinct and informative. 

A one-page format is ideal, but if you’re someone with years of experience in the field, that may feel like a challenge. The trick is to include specific experiences that are most relevant to the job you’re applying for. 

Also, you’ll want to include a summary on your data science resume so that anyone reviewing it can get a quick overview of who you are and what you bring to the table.

A sample summary may look like this:

“Google-certified data scientist with 15 years of experience. Fluent in Python, SQL, Machine Learning and Data Visualization. Seeking employment that leverages my advanced data-oriented and analytical skills along with my dynamic experience leading and motivating teams. My goal is to continue progressing in my career at an organization that is both innovative and leading edge in the industry.”

Most of all, don’t forget to customize your data scientist resume to each job. You want to ensure the skills and experience you’ve highlighted mesh with the job you’ve applied for, so taking a few minutes to customize things each time you send your resume is key. 

What Skills to Include

Data scientists are known for their diverse skill sets, so prospective employers will want to see everything you bring to the table when it comes to your technical skills. 

Individuals hiring for these roles will be well versed in what sort of skills you should have. To help keep your data scientist resume short, you can include a bullet list of your skills, as no further explanation is required.

Some hard data scientist skills you may want to highlight include:

Don’t forget to also share your soft skills, also known as transferable skills. These include things like leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, communication and more. 

Your Job Experience and Qualifications

In this section of your data scientist resume, you’ll want to showcase your experience and qualifications. That includes previous jobs that relate to the role you’re applying for, any certifications and education, and any high-profile projects or publications you may have been involved in.

For example, if you’re sharing information about a previous data scientist role, you could include items such as: 

  • Acquired and analyzed business data. 
  • Created statistical models.
  • Leveraged researched information to provide conclusions that can drive business objectives. 
  • Conducted experimental modeling using computation programs and eye-tracking research. 
  • Coordinated and led a team of 10 scientists, analysts and research assistants. 
  • Communicated with executives and key stakeholders to share data findings.
  • Provided solution-based solutions to meet business KPIs.  

Also, ensure you include any relevant data science courses you’ve taken. This speaks to your skills while demonstrating you’re continuously learning, which is desirable in an evolving field like data science. 

For those newer to the field, share details about any of your data science internships. This shows potential employers that you have practical experience in the workforce. 

Keep Your Data Scientist Resume Focused and Relevant

As you put together your data scientist resume, keep in mind the statistic that we shared at the beginning of this article. You’ve got less than 11 seconds to make an impression, so focus on the most important pieces of information an employer would want to know.

By keeping the information focused and relevant to the person who will be reading it, you’ll be that much more likely to grab their attention and land an interview — then you can then wow them with everything you have to offer.

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