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How to Keep Diversity Top of Mind for Companies & Increase Representation in Tech

The latest edition of Udacity’s Learning Lab podcast tackled a hot-button issue that corporations are still trying to navigate today — increasing representation in their organizations.

Dennis Schultz, the Executive Director of The Blacks in Technology Foundation, joined the podcast to discuss how his organization is helping to drive diversity in the tech industry and how companies can keep this initiative top of mind now and in the future.

“I talk to a lot of organizations, and most of them have good intentions and want to increase diversity,” said Schultz in the interview. “Many of them know that there’s a problem but just haven’t figured out how to accomplish the goal of increased diversity within organizations.”

Listen to the full podcast to learn how BiT works with companies to increase representation and provide underrepresented individuals with opportunities in the tech industry.

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Kelly Johnson
Kelly Johnson
Kelly Johnson is the Director of Content and SEO at Udacity. She has launched several successful SEO-driven content strategies for a range of tech companies. She's also passionate about connecting underrepresented communities to educational and professional opportunities in tech.