Ryan Waite Udacity

Ryan Waite — a motivated, dedicated Udacity student — is inspirational for many reasons. Not only is Ryan intelligent and driven, but he’s constantly challenging himself to learn something new.

Ryan has already graduated from seven Nanodegree programs and is currently working on his eighth. 

Since completing his first Nanodegree program, Ryan has had incredible success. After his stint at NASA, Ryan worked with the US Department of Labor, Cloudistics and is currently working as a Full Stack Developer at FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority).

When asked why he keeps coming back to Udacity, Ryan has a crisp answer, “Udacity helped me become just as good as people with many years of experience. I keep coming back so I can give back.”

Here we have Nick Blumenthal, one of his biggest advocates at Udacity, speaking to him about his journey. As Nick says, “Give me anything, but nothing makes me happier than a one word Nanodegree completion email from Ryan saying ‘Done’ or ‘finished’.”

Watch their conversation here:

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