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Udacity Mentor Spotlight: Daniel Abrão, Passion Driven by Purpose

Being a Udacity mentor is a delightful adventure. When mentors truly value the art of learning, learners can be confident that their upskilling journey will be fruitful. We have one such mentor here who holds similar beliefs: Daniel Abrão, a senior software engineer at IBM Corporation, who became a mentor with Udacity after completing Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree Program.

 “Udacity gives me a sense of purpose that I don’t feel elsewhere,” said Abrão.

As a Udacity mentor, he firmly believes that if you help one learner advance in a Nanodegree program, they will pay it forward. Daniel mentors students in Full Stack Web Developer, Blockchain, Cloud DevOps, and others. He provides his students with the feeling that they’ll learn something new every day. This mentorship gives him the opportunity to teach regularly. 

“Those who don’t sit to learn can’t stand to teach,” he proudly claimed.

To all those who aspire to be mentors with Udacity, Daniel conveys that teaching and learning are coupled together.

From Stocking Shelves to Programming

Daniel’s path to becoming a programmer was not direct — his goals were not on a linear path. He worked through entry-level jobs — organizing supermarket shelves and doorman — then became inspired by his father, also a programmer, and shifted his focus towards building a career in Computer Science.

He put his heart and soul into learning, landing a job as a software tester for an education technology center and two years later, a position as an intern for IBM Corporation. From this Abrão’s career saw great growth.

In 2017, passionate about his career growth in the tech field, Abrão took the Udacity Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree program. He completed the program swimmingly and thereafter the Udacity Mentor Operations team reached out with an opportunity to mentor that very same program.

“I’ve been helping new interns, organizing upskilling classes, and mentoring other employees based on my mentoring skills acquired at Udacity.”

Ever since, Abrão’s been working with Udacity and IBM together, believing that an excellent aspect of this synergistic relationship is the copious, simultaneous lessons he gleans from both companies; his skills relevant to both.

“I wake up daily, proud of what I do, and I like to think that everyone is unique, everyone can do everything, and we all have the inner potential to achieve our goals. I’m thankful for my career so far, and all that I built on top of honesty, engagement, and dedication.”

If you’re ready to let your passion become your purpose, apply to become a Udacity mentor today.


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