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CSS Basics: Beginner-friendly Guides to Get You Started with CSS

Learning a new programming language can seem intimidating but getting started with CSS basics can be a quick and fun endeavor. 

While the expanded concepts and design options available with CSS can be quite impressive, it is the basics of design that help build your skill set towards a solid process foundation. CSS is the proverbial paintbrush for the canvas that is HTML.

Within this Udacity hub of CSS basics tutorial content, you will find easy-to-follow guides complete with step-by-step instructions to move you through the basic concepts. Sample code and images are provided to enhance the material as well. The hub will grow as more content is made available. Be sure to check in as more CSS basics are added to the CSS toolbox for you to work with.

The Udacity CSS Hub:

The following topics are live and ready for you to dive into.

The Power of CSS

Learning how to create an operational webpage through the use of HTML, JavaScript or PHP are powerful skills on their own. However, design and creativity are also quite important to the overall success of a page as well.

CSS allows the designer to not just pour that creativity into a page, but also to inject concepts of UI or UX elements as well. This provides the end-user with benefits such as increased navigation, functionality, and overall accessibility. Great CSS can marry the function with design to create something truly amazing. 

Go Even Further with Your Design Potential

This hub serves as a great place to get started with the basics of CSS. It will grow in the future to provide even more content to help out those getting started. However, this is simply the tip of that old proverbial iceberg. There is an absolute wealth of information available through Udacity to help you dive deeper to see all that is there. 

When you feel comfortable, there are many other easy-to-follow guides on subjects such as SQL, HTML, or even a Nanodegree program for JavaScript. All of these are geared to get your most common questions answered in an effort to get you where you want to be.

Take the path even further and enroll in the Intro to Programming Nanodegree to see just how impressive your own skills can become. Through Udacity’s talented instructors, the core concepts of programming can help propel you to greater heights.

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