Juggling a full-time role while studying part-time is challenging, and especially so when the content is self-driven. Because completing a Nanodegree program requires a lot of commitment, discipline, and focus, your learners deserve to be recognized for their hard work when they graduate.

Why You Should Celebrate Your Graduates

Your employees typically have to dedicate five to ten hours per week for about four months toward their Nanodegree programs. In addition to studying the learning content delivered through video, text, and quizzes, your learners also have to complete hands-on projects where they apply and demonstrate their skills in a real-world context. By the time they graduate, they will already have a project portfolio to showcase the real technical skills they’ve built. 

As such, recognizing your Udacity graduates promotes their personal brands and gives them more opportunities to grow their careers. It allows different teams in your company to easily identify people with the right expertise to collaborate with. Your graduates can then put their newly learned skills to solve business problems within your organization.

How To Celebrate Your Udacity Alumni

Here are three ways your organization can celebrate your Udacity alumni:

1. Implementing Company Badging

Awarding badges to your graduates establishes the Nanodegree programs as important achievements. Badges give your employees a way to showcase their new skills to their superiors and colleagues. Not only do these badges recognize those who have upskilled to make an impact to your business, they can also motivate current learners to complete their Nanodegree programs. Interestingly, adding badges to signature lines for emails can even boost morale and retention rates. 

2. Calling Graduates Out in Events and Newsletters

Another way to celebrate your alumni is to host graduation ceremonies or call them out in company town-halls or all-hands meetings. You can also highlight their accomplishments in your company newsletter. Publicly recognizing your employees for their Nanodegree program graduation shows that your organization is invested in their growth and wants them to take pride in their accomplishments. It also motivates other employees to develop their own skill sets and therefore increases demand for your learning program. You can even celebrate alumni who have applied their learnings to improve business processes.

3. Encouraging Learners to Celebrate Their Success on LinkedIn

Udacity’s Nanodegree programs are a globally recognized indicator that your learners have acquired practitioner-level skills that are both impactful and in high demand. When your employees share their accomplishments with their LinkedIn network and post about their graduation or how they’ve applied the skills they’ve learned, your company will be known for sponsoring Udacity Nanodegree programs and investing in your employees’ career growth, which will attract the top talent in the industry.

Your learners work hard to acquire new skills that will, in turn, benefit your organization. By celebrating your employees who have graduated from Nanodegree programs, you can improve morale, open opportunities for alumni, increase program demand, and more!

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