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Education and opportunity have always been joined at the hip. But for far too long, both have been out of reach to those with demanding schedules or budgets.

In what can only be described as pure serendipity, a team of innovative developers invented a solution for both. Their timing could not have been better.

Robust development courses, designed for at-home education 

The entrepreneurs behind Udacity had no idea their online platform would someday become the only way to transfer knowledge during a global crisis. 

It was simply the best way to deliver the best content to tech-savvy professionals looking to advance their careers on their own time. Their self-guided courses offer a range of dev skills, including Java, C++, iOS Development, Blockchain, and Full Stack Web Development

And, unlike the myriad options for self-teaching, successful completion of Udacity courses is formalized with the in-demand credentials employers demand.

Fortune 500 employers approve (and pay up)

Udacity’s graduates have found a fanbase in the recruitment offices of Fortune 500 tech companies. Google, Amazon, IBM, and Lyft are just a few of the industry-leading employers who have been quick to employ the talents of Udacity students.

Try the innovative solution for yourself 

Udacity’s proprietary blend of self-guided online learning, real-world projects, and live human help is a game-changer for online education and education as we know it. 

Tech companies and their well-paid developers are in agreement: sometimes, disruption is a very good thing.

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