Start off strong, stay on track, and achieve your learning goals!

At Udacity, our goal is to inspire you to reach your career and learning goals. To achieve this, we are constantly working to understand how to support our students to find success in their Nanodegree programs.

By analyzing anonymized aggregate data about how much time our thousands of students spend in the classroom, we’ve learned something important. Those who kick off their learning with at least five hours in the classroom in each of their first two weeks are more likely to complete their projects on schedule and graduate. Though each Nanodegree program is different—requiring slightly more or less time for the average student to complete—we’ve seen that spending five hours in the first two weeks is the sweet spot for Nanodegree program completion.

To help you start off strong during this critical two-week period—and to give you clear first steps to complete those five hours in the classroom—we have launched a new feature: Nanodegree Program Learning Plans.

Udacity Learning Plans
Data Analyst Nanodegree Program Learning Plan

How Learning Plans Work

Learning Plans are task lists tailored to each Nanodegree program—and sent to you on the first day of Week One and Week Two. Subject matter experts at Udacity curated these task lists after observing the pacing of thousands of students through their Nanodegree programs.

Each Learning Plan lists the tasks you should aim to complete by the end of each week—such as passing quizzes that test your understanding of core concepts; finishing the first two lessons; or submitting your first project to receive personalized feedback.

You can see how this looks in the snippet from the Week One Data Analyst Learning Plan.

At the end of Week One, we’ll send you an individual progress report to let you know how you’re progressing with your Learning Plan. You’ll also receive your Learning Plan for Week Two. We want to help you see if you’re on track, and help you prepare your learning schedule for the following week.

Learning Plan Examples
Learning plan examples across programs


We are committed to helping you achieve your learning and career goals, and are so excited to introduce this new feature to help you begin on your path to success in your Nanodegree program!

We can’t wait to see what you will achieve!