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Georgia Tech Online Master of Science in Computer Science

Last year, Udacity, Georgia Tech and AT&T announced a partnership to provide the online Masters Degree in Computer Science. There are currently 2,400 students enrolled in 13 classes, and we’re continuously impressed by the creativity of their final projects, their exam results, and their ability to balance the rigorous curriculum with their day jobs.

With that said, we know that there are many more talented students who can benefit from the content created in partnership with Georgia Tech and AT&T. Today, we are proud to announce all of the OMSCS courses are now available for free on our platform.

While these classes share the exact content Georgia Tech OMSCS students use, they do not include the projects and exams that are part of the program. We hope that the course content will empower our students to learn advanced concepts in engineering that can help them succeed in their careers. Successful completion of these courses will not earn a Udacity certificate but will be great preparation for students seeking to pursue the graduate degree at Georgia Tech, earn a professional education certificate with GTPE or just reference different engineering concepts.

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Siya Raj Purohit
Siya Raj Purohit
Siya is a Program Manager at Udacity where she helps build and launch Nanodegrees. She is very passionate about all things STEM and is the author of "Engineering America". She loves learning about new startups, trying out all apps and exploring the San Francisco Bay Area.