Git Installation on Windows

Download Git

Visit this page and click Download.

download git.jpg

Run the Downloaded File

If you are prompted to either save the file or run it, select "Run".  Otherwise, after downloading the file, double click on it to open it, and select "Run".

run install wizard.jpg

Complete the Install Wizard

Continue through the install wizard, selecting the default options.

git install wizard.png

Open Git Bash

Open the Git Bash program, which can be accessed from the Start Menu via All Programs > Git > Git Bash.  If you are using Windows 8, search for Git Bash in the app list.

Opening git bash.jpg

Run Git Commands

You can now use Git commands, as well as standard Unix commands, within Git Bash.  For example, try running git --version or ls.  To copy and paste in Git Bash, follow the instructions here.

git bash screenshot.png