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Mobile Design and Usability for iOS

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Featuring Facebook's experts in User Research and Product Design, this course walks you through the steps to design a new mobile product that puts users first. You'll learn how to use data collected from users to guide prototyping, and conduct user testing with a production app to guide a future redesign.

This course is also available for Android.

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Free Course

Mobile Design and Usability for iOS

byFacebook for Developers

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Course Leads

Jeff Hilnbrand

Jeff Hilnbrand

Instructor (Facebook)

Nick Leggett

Nick Leggett

Instructor (Facebook)

Gabrielle Miller-Messner

Gabrielle Miller-Messner


What You Will Learn

Prerequisites and Requirements

To get the most from this course, you should have prior experience developing web or mobile apps.

See the Technology Requirements for using Udacity.

Why Take This Course

User-centered design makes the user experience seem intuitive, and provides a better app experience for users of differing backgrounds and abilities. In this course, you'll learn how to adopt a user-centered design process to deliver the best possible app experience for your users.

What do I get?
Instructor videosLearn by doing exercisesTaught by industry professionals