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iOS Interview Prep

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Confidently take on the tech interview

About this course

This course is an excellent way to prepare for technical interviews. You’ll experience a mock interview, and review detailed analysis on how to field key industry questions. You’ll review common iOS Developer interview topics ranging from notifications and delegates to the model view controller, and learn best practices for behavioral questions and whiteboard problems. You'll learn how to discuss your interests in iOS development. Senior mobile developers will share their tips for addressing common data issues. When you complete this course, you’ll be ready to showcase your skills during the iOS Developer interview!

What you will learn

  1. Interview Practice
    • Learn how to succinctly respond to questions like "why are you interested in iOS"
    • Analyze how to answer common technical interview questions on a whiteboard
    • Learn methods to continue practicing and preparing for the interview

Why take this course?

Making it to the interview is a huge achievement in your job search! Be ready to put your best foot forward. This course gives you insights into how interviewers think. Experienced technical hiring managers will show you how to answer questions with confidence. You will observe successful interviewing behaviors, and practice your own responses. Learn how to break down the steps to answer whiteboarding questions. Then, watch a simulated technical interview. Observe the applicant's responses, and hear the interviewer's feedback on those answers. This course will help you tackle iOS technical interview questions with confidence and poise.

Udacity partners with tech industry leaders to bring you the most comprehensive resources for your job search. Join this course if you want to be in the driver’s seat of your job search where you decide which roles to interview for and land those interviews!

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    Jarrod Parkes