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Cloud DevOps Engineer

Nanodegree Program

In this program, you’ll develop the skills you need to join the rapidly growing cloud devops field.

In this program, you’ll develop the skills you need to join the rapidly growing cloud devops field.


4 months

Real-world Projects

Completion Certificate

Last Updated February 13, 2024

Skills you'll learn:
Logging • Continuous integration • Continuous deployment • Github actions
Command line interface basics • Basic SQL

Courses In This Program

Course 1 45 minutes

Welcome to the Nanodegree Program!

Welcome to Udacity! We're excited to share more about your Nanodegree program and start this journey with you!

Course 2 4 weeks

Cloud Fundamentals

The cloud has become a key enabler for innovation with beneficial features like high availability, unlimited capacity, and on-demand scalability and elasticity. Learn the fundamentals of cloud computing while being introduced to compute power, security, storage, networking, messaging, and management services in the cloud. While learning the fundamentals, you will explore tools and services offered by Amazon Web Services(AWS) through interactive, hands-on exercises. By the end of the course, you will have deployed your first website to AWS.

Course 3 4 weeks

Deploy Infrastructure as Code (IAC)

With the advent of cloud computing, along came several tools that enabled us to deploy the underlying infrastructure components that provide security and services to our servers by writing scripts. In this course, you’ll learn how to deploy this infrastructure using CloudFormation, AWS’ tool for Infrastructure as Code. You will use CloudFormation to deploy Infrastructure patterns that are used in the industry broadly and can be readily used to deploy any cloud application. Like in the real world, you will begin with initial business requirements that you will turn into Cloud Architecture Diagrams. Then you will deploy this architecture using CloudFormation.

Course 4 4 weeks

Microservices at Scale using AWS and Kubernetes

This lesson will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of microservices architecture, containers, and Kubernetes in the context of AWS. You will learn how to build, deploy, and manage containerized applications at scale while utilizing AWS tools and services. By the end of your journey, you will have a strong foundation in containerization, microservices, and Kubernetes DevOps skills, enabling you to tackle real-world challenges in your professional career.

Taught By The Best

Photo of Justin Lee

Justin Lee

Data Platform Engineer

Justin Lee designs and builds modern scalable systems and consults for Fortune 500 companies. He currently works in the Silicon Valley as a platform engineer to enable users' data workflows. He has a BS in Computer Science from UCLA and is often mentoring and teaching developers through Codementor.

Photo of Byron Sommardahl

Byron Sommardahl

Chief Technology Officer

Byron is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Acklen Avenue, an agile software development company. Byron has been developing software since he was 9 years old, and is a true believer in anything that improves software maintainability, usability, and delivery.

Photo of Kesha Williams

Kesha Williams


Kesha has over 20 years experience in software development and is a software engineering manager at Chick-fil-A, routinely leading innovation teams in proving out the use of cloud services to solve complex business problems. She was recently named an Alexa Champion by Amazon.

Photo of Carlos Rivas

Carlos Rivas


Carlos is a Senior Solutions Architect at Infiniti Consulting where he helps institutions move traditional data centers to the cloud. He has worked for several large telecommunication providers managing and configuring network infrastructure, using Java, Groovy, Python, Perl, and PHP.

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