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Cloud Native Application Architecture

Nanodegree Program

In this program, students will learn to run and manage scalable applications in a cloud native environment, using open source tools and projects like ArgoCD, gRPC, and Grafana.

In this program, students will learn to run and manage scalable applications in a cloud native environment, using open source tools and projects like ArgoCD, gRPC, and Grafana.

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4 months

Real-world Projects

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Last Updated October 5, 2023

Skills you'll learn:
Cloud observability • Stride framework • Microservices security • Refactoring from a monolith
Basic Python • Git • Basic web development

Courses In This Program

Course 1 45 minutes


Welcome to the Cloud Native Application Architecture Nanodegree Program!

Course 2 4 weeks

Cloud Native Fundamentals

Throughout this course, students will learn how to structure, package, and release an application to a Kubernetes cluster, while using an automated CI/CD pipeline.

Course 3 4 weeks

Message Passing

In this course, students will learn how to refactor microservice capabilities from a monolithic architecture, and employ different forms of message passing in microservices. To begin, students will create a migration strategy to refactor a service from a monolith to its own microservice and implement the migration. Next, students will be introduced to industry standard best practices for message passing in a service architecture and finally, students will focus on design decisions and the implementations of different forms of message passing in development and production systems.

Course 4 4 weeks


This course covers the fundamentals of observability in distributed systems. Today, Kubernetes has become the de facto standard for Cloud Native applications and is widely used for distributed systems. To be effective as an observability expert, it is critical to understand how to monitor and respond to the health and performance of both your Kubernetes clusters and the applications hosted on them. This course will teach students how to collect system performance data using Prometheus, how to collect application tracing data using Jaeger, and how to visualize the results in a dashboard using Grafana.

Taught By The Best

Photo of Justin Lee

Justin Lee

Data Platform Engineer

Justin Lee designs and builds modern scalable systems and consults for Fortune 500 companies. He currently works in the Silicon Valley as a platform engineer to enable users' data workflows. He has a BS in Computer Science from UCLA and is often mentoring and teaching developers through Codementor.

Photo of Nick Reva

Nick Reva

Engineering Manager, Security Engineering | CISO Staff at Snap Inc.

Nick brings 15 years experience in Security Engineering. He currently leads teams that build highly scalable security services in cloud native environments at Snapchat and previously SpaceX. Nick also advises well established security companies including HackerOne and the fastest growing Open Source Security product company Deepfence.

Photo of Katie Gamanji

Katie Gamanji

Ecosystem Advocate for Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Katie's focus is to foster the growth and visibility of the End User Community while bridging the gap with other ecosystem units. In past roles, Katie contributed to the build-out of platforms that gravitate towards cloud-native principles and open-source tooling.

Photo of Jay Smith

Jay Smith

App Modernization Specialist at Google Cloud

Jay has over 15 years experience in technology and open source solutions. Currently Jay helps Google Cloud customers modernize their application platforms using best practices in cloud native technologies.

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Cloud Native Application Architecture


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