4 Courses for Business Teams to Include in Your L&D Strategy

As more  organizations invest in upskilling their current employees, it’s essential to prioritize business objectives. While focusing on more technical courses may be necessary, you also don’t want to forget about courses for business teams

The Udacity School of Business offers a wide range of business courses ideal for upskilling your current employees and helps companies refine their enterprise upskill strategy

Here’s our list of the best courses for business teams to gain skills essential in the new world of work.

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Investing In Your Workforce Through Learning and Development

Learning and development, commonly known as L&D, is focused on managing the development of the people at an organization. 

With the work environment constantly changing and technology evolving rapidly, having a workforce poised to tackle change, head-on, is a necessity. 

Here’s what you need to know about learning and development and why it should be a key priority for your organization.

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