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Digital upskilling for financial services worth $148.7M? Udacity delivers.

A leading finserv organization was on the brink of talent turmoil. Our plan? Transform their people into their biggest opportunity. 

Investment success was undeniable. 

The positive results of Udacity upskilling soon became clear. The company experienced an increased business value of $148.7M and a 234% ROI with a payback period of under 3 months. Employee productivity skyrocketed bringing in $116M. Plus, they saved $25.9M from reduced employee churn and $6.7M from reduced audit and regulatory expenses—all because of Udacity. 

Not all digital upskilling is the same. 

Prior to adopting Udacity, this organization used a combination of learning resources in an attempt to close talent gaps. They implemented digital platforms, printed documentation, and even in-person classes. This approach was complicated, time-consuming, and ineffective. 

Custom learning plans to better fit unique needs. 

Udacity started by assessing talent gaps to accurately benchmark the current state of the business and properly prioritize goals. We defined a talent transformation strategy that could be implemented across the organization. 

This highly-curated approach worked, helping this traditionally non-technical finserv company meet modern digital transformation demands.

“Udacity has been a key stepping stone to close the gaps of our industry-led modernization and transformation efforts.”
– Enterprise architect from the company

Solve your workforce challenges.

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Kate Reardon
Kate Reardon
Kate Reardon is a copywriter on the Creative Team at Udacity. She came from an agency background, specializing in tech, before she made the jump to in-house. When she’s not promoting Udacity’s mission through the written word, she’s probably exploring San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park with her dog, Annie.