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Student stories: the life-changing impact of the Microsoft Cloud & Data Scholarship

Our Data Analysis and Visualization with Microsoft Power BI Nanodegree program is even more powerful and accessible than ever before thanks to the Microsoft Cloud and Data Scholarship program. The scholarship program provided 310 learners the opportunity to earn the free Nanodegree program that will help kick-start their careers in the world of data analysis and Microsoft Cloud.

About the Microsoft Cloud & Data Scholarship.

This spring, we teamed up with Microsoft to offer fully-funded scholarships to achieve two goals. First, we are working to increase the number of professionals with Microsoft Azure AI engineering skills and prepare those learners to pass the Microsoft Certification. 

More importantly, we are striving to expand the diversity of individuals with Microsoft skills, particularly women and people identifying as Black or Hispanic. 

There are two different tracks for this program — a foundational program for beginners and a more advanced practitioner program — so learners at all levels are encouraged to apply.

Meet Mededode, a Microsoft Cloud & Data Scholarship recipient.

Microsoft Cloud and Data Scholarship graduate Mededode Omoze completed her Nanodegree from Nigeria. Thanks to this program, Mededode is now an energy professional working on managing and reporting emissions data. 

Thanks to the scholarship program, Mededode can make better data-driven decisions with the help of Microsoft Power. She reports, “I totally enjoyed the program. The courses were taught in easily digestible bits. The projects were hands-on and helped to deepen my understanding of key concepts while solving real-life data problems. The best part of the program for me was having real tutors who were available to guide me throughout the course period through Slack community interactions and webinars.”

Watch to learn more about Mededode’s learning journey.

Learning with the Udacity Slack community.

Mededode isn’t the only one who credits her success to our unique Udacity community.  Our Slack community is available 24/7 with an average of 121 people using the community daily and a total of 25,000 messages sent amongst our members. With a global community, there is always someone around when students need help with a project or get stuck on a concept.

Other Slack members tell us:

“I just wanted to thank the tutors and staff again. Come Monday, I am starting a new role as a Business Intelligence Analyst! I look forward to taking the Power BI exam soon…once I get acclimated to my new role!”

“I’ve done a different PowerBI course but this is outstanding. The program was a validating fact to the statement ‘You can’t know it all.’…While this is a great achievement for me, it’s also a milestone in becoming a cloud data professional. The best from Udacity at the moment, the best is yet to come.”

“What a journey…Graduated on the 12th of July and since completing the course I’ve gotten a new role as a senior PM. This program gave me a lot more than I expected.”

Start learning today.

Our mid-cohort survey found that 98% are satisfied with the scholarship program while 99% gave a positive rating for the Nanodegree course content. 

If you’re ready to make the move and jumpstart your data analysis career, explore the Data Analysis and Visualization with Microsoft Power BI Nanodegree program, or check out the Udacity Scholarships page for more information on upcoming opportunities.


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