“I wanted to be a successful mother and a career woman” – Rehab Emam | Student Story

It’s not uncommon for women to sacrifice their careers and dreams after becoming a mother. Many women leave the workforce on their own volition, while others are pressured to leave due to societal or familial pressures. 

Here’s a story of one such mother who wanted “more from her motherhood.”  Rehab Emam is a mother of two who lives in  Egypt— where only 20% of the labor force is female — had an inspiring journey to achieve her childhood dream of becoming a programmer.

“I wanted to be a successful mother and a career woman” - Rehab Emam | Student Story

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The Autonomous Tech Dreams of the 14-year-old Sri Anumakonda | Student Story

The future of work and self driving car technology has become more than a buzzword among tech enthusiasts. If you think self-driving cars are still in the future then think again —  they are very much part of the present.

Sri Anumakonda is a 14-year-old high school student who has been learning about Machine Learning over the last year. At an early age, he knew he had a passion for autonomous systems and he is quite serious about it.

“I started my journey in autonomous vehicles with Udacity’s free Tensorflow courses. As part of these courses, I’ve built multiple projects for detecting skin cancer, detecting pneumonia, detecting distracted driving (I even put it in [a] car!) and made a lane detection model in the CARLA simulator.

“After that, I [became] passionate about autonomous vehicles but I did not know where to start. That’s exactly where Udacity came in. I started off with the Intro to Self Driving Cars Nanodegree program. I graduated from the Nanodegree program in three weeks. 

“But, I did not want to stop there. I’m currently working on the Self Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree program and have already finished the lane detection and the advanced lane detection projects within a matter of a few days.”

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Four Students Who Changed Their Lives With Our Pledge to Equality Scholarship

Last year, we launched our Pledge to Equality scholarship to help create equitable opportunities for underrepresented communities — starting with the Black community. As part of the initiative, we pledged 1,000 scholarships to increase diversity in workplaces by providing access to in-demand, practical skills that tech companies look for today.

And as we complete the first leg of the scholarship program, we are delighted to share that not only did we offer our Nanodegree programs to as many as 750 students, we also connected these students to companies like AnyScale, Blacks in Technology (BIT), Cardinal E-Commerce, Collective Health, Emerson Collective, StreetCode and Udacity itself through a virtual career fair.

We are proud to see how we have been instrumental in changing the lives of so many students. Last week we featured the story of Ramona Saintandre, a proud 50-year-old trailblazer. 

In this blog, we will highlight four more inspirational students who are ready to take on new roles in the technology industry after completing the scholarship program.

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From fleeing Syria to finding himself – Omar Albeik | Student Story

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Omar Albeik - Udacity Student

Challenges make you push your boundaries and help you grow. So when Omar was left with no choice but to leave his country due to war in Syria, he decided to transition his career. And in this journey, he chose Udacity as a partner.

Omar enrolled for iOS Developer Nanodegree program to begin with and then skilled himself with multiple Nanodegree programs including Android Basics, Front End, React and Deep Learning Foundation

We are proud to have enabled Omar to change his life. Here’s his story in his own words. 

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Story of Ibrahim El-bastawisi, Story of grit & determination

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When going gets tough, the tough get going. Such is the story of Ibrahim El-bastawisi, a Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree graduate and a Multiple Sclerosis patient.

Ibrahim wanted to pursue Computer Science engineering but he could not because of his deteriorating health as an MS patient. His physical disability couldn’t stop him from learning and thus he enrolled for Udacity’s Front-End Nanodegree program. Today, Ibrahim is proudly working with a software company as a web developer.

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