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Introducing the Go Programming Language Course from Udacity

Udacity is excited to introduce the newest addition to our School of Programming: the Golang program.

Go is a programming language that was created by developers at Google back in 2007. Since then, it has grown extensively in popularity and is currently #5 on GitHub’s list of most-used programming languages.

Go (sometimes referred to as Golang) has many different applications, from web development to command line tools, networking to the backend, and DevOps. According to people on StackOverflow, Go is great because it can compile on most machines, is easy to learn, and compiles very fast. Plus, it’s a language that can be used for a wide array of projects, making it a practical and versatile coding language to learn.

Golang Course Details

This course teaches the foundations of Go programming language, including variables, functions, conditionals, loops, and data structures. Additionally, this course will cover the parts of Go that make it powerful and performant, such as structs, interfaces, and Goroutines. 

Anyone who takes and finishes the Go Programming Language course will gain the foundational skills needed for careers in building cloud services, web applications, DevOps tools, and backend development. 

To get the most out of this course, it’s important to have experience with basic computer programming, preferably in a statically-typed language like Java, C, or C++. The Intro to Programming Nanodegree program is a perfect introductory program for anyone who needs more coding experience. Students will be provided workspaces to use for exercises and projects, but it can be helpful to download and install Visual Studio Code (VS Code), the VS Code Go extension, and Postman.

The Go Programming Language Nanodegree program can be completed in as little as 1 month (at 5 hours a week). By the end of the Nanodegree program, students will know how to build a web server in Go with REST API endpoints.

Golang Course Project: CRM Backend

Students will work as backend engineers while building a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. Since this project is backend-focused, students don’t need to worry about building a front end user interface, but instead focus on how data moves within the app. Using programming constructs and commands of the Go language, students will create an API for the CRM to handle requests and responses such as getting a list of all customers, getting data for a single customer, adding a customer, updating a customer’s information, and removing a customer.

Learning From Top Go Programmers

To develop this program’s world-class curriculum, we collaborated with professionals from top-rated tech companies. Each collaborator contributed guidance and feedback to focus the program on the most in-demand skills. The instructor for this course, Andrew Wong, has worked as a software engineer and is a full-stack engineer who enjoys making the world a better place through code.  

Enroll In the Golang CourseToday

If you’re a developer who is looking for a quick way to pick up Golang, this is the course for you. Additionally, if you’ve just finished the Intro to Programming Nanodegree program and are looking to specialize in Go, or just add more programming languages to your skill list, the Go Programming Language course can do just that.

With Udacity’s hands-on project-centric learning, there’s no better way to meet the demand than by registering for the Go Programming Language course today. Enroll now to learn more!