Blog Enterprise AWS + Udacity Partnership at a Glance

AWS + Udacity Partnership at a Glance

Since 2019, AWS has partnered with Udacity to offer multiple scholarship programs to address the high customer demand across the globe to attain AWS technology skills. Read on to learn how to change the trajectory of your career.

Highlights from Scholarship Programs

These programs aim to make the future tech workforce more diverse by removing financial barriers, providing training for careers in tech, and offering mentorship support to individuals who are underserved or underrepresented in tech. 

The AI and ML Scholarship Program

Announced by Swami at reInvent in 2021, this program aims to help under-served and under-represented high school and college students learn foundational ML concepts to prepare them for careers in AI and ML.

This four-month collaborative virtual course developed by AWS and Udacity subject matter experts that combines deep learning and ML engineering concepts in group sessions. Learn more.

AWS Machine Learning Engineer Program

This program teaches developers of all skill levels machine learning concepts for pursuing a career in ML.The mission is to cultivate the next generation of ML leaders by increasing accessibility to ML skills training.

In the Nanodegree program, participants learn advanced ML techniques and algorithms, and acquire practical experience such as using Amazon SageMaker resulting in “job-ready” skill attainment for a career in ML. Learn more.

Get Started Today

Udacity and AWS have collectively learned from these programs that there is high demand across the globe to attain AWS technology skills through hands-on, role-focused learning.

Udacity’s content creation and pedagogy incorporated into the Udacity Scholarship model, provides an inclusive, self-paced and flexible learning experience that has strong market awareness and demand globally.

Learn more about Udacity’s Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

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