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3 Popular Nanodegrees Are Now Available in French

Since 2011 Udacity has helped people all around the world learn new tech skills. With the French market demanding talent across data, programming, and the cloud, we’re incredibly excited to share that three of our most popular Nanodegree programs will now be available in French: Data Analyst, Full Stack Web Developer, and AWS Cloud Developer.

Will Nanodegrees in French Be Different?

Besides the language, everything else will be the same about the Nanodegree programs. From the professionally-developed lesson content to the real-world projects, students who take any of our Nanodegree programs in French will receive the same program as everyone else. Plus, students also still get to enjoy the rest of the benefits Udacity has to offer, like our network of mentors, personalized project feedback, and career services.

Why French?

The reason we decided to release our top Nanodegree programs in French is that there’s been an increasing interest in our programs over the last few years, likely as a result of France’s growing tech scene. In fact, tech jobs in France are expected to grow 21% by 2028

Additionally, tech jobs in France are some of the best-paying careers. According to Glassdoor, data analysts in France make over €45,000 a year, full stack developers are reported to make a salary of €47,000 annually, and AWS cloud developers earn €46,000 a year.

Earn Your Nanodegree in French Today

If you’re interested in upleveling your tech skills and speak French, this is your sign that the Nanodegree programs in French are right for you. The first wave of French Nanodegrees will be available to the French-speaking market in September.


Jennifer Shalamanov
Jennifer Shalamanov
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