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3 Reasons Why Udacity Is the Leader in Digital Talent Transformation

Recently Udacity was recognized as a leader by IDC for their IT Training Assessment Report (you can also read our blog post on it here). It was an honor for our leadership to be recognized by independent analysts and we saw this as further proof that Udacity is the digital talent transformation leader. We think the report is proof enough (just look at where we are) but in case you need a little more validation, here are three (other) reasons why Udacity is the leader in digital talent transformation. 

Udacity Has Over a Decade of Digital Talent Transformation Experience

It all began in 2011 when Stanford instructors Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig offered their “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence” course online and over 160,000 students in more than 190 countries enrolled. Since then Udacity has helped hundreds of thousands learners across the globe grow in digital skills and occupations like data science, programming, cloud, and cybersecurity. You can discover more programs (like autonomous systems and product management) and learn about them here

Udacity also partners with companies to create the job-ready talent they need for digital transformation. Only Udacity addresses dynamic workforce challenges and helps eliminate talent gaps. With personnel shortages up to 3x higher than a decade ago, talent transformation creates opportunities for heightened productivity and retention, and who better to partner with than the leader in digital talent transformation? Learn more about how we work with enterprises and our talent transformation suite here

Udacity Is More Than an L&D Program 

Having a Learning and Development (L&D) program is not enough for a company to meet their digital talent transformation goals. According to research from the Talent Transformation Global Impact Report, 80% of enterprise companies with L&D programs considered them to be moderately successful, but 55% of employees surveyed reported being only somewhat satisfied, or not satisfied at all, with their employer’s L&D programs. 

If employees are not satisfied with their L&D offerings, then it’s time to rethink the digital talent strategy. For companies invested in digital talent, they need a digital talent partner that will work with them through the transformation journey, every step of the way.  From our workshop where we help companies assess their talent and put together a strategy to our easily deployable and scalable platform, our proven playbook has helped enterprises achieve targeted results that increase retention and productivity. 

Which leads to…

Udacity Partners with the World’s Top Companies 

Leaders want to work with other leaders; that’s why some of the world’s top brands trust Udacity as their partner for digital talent transformation. These partnerships span  across industries. We work with the top six aerospace and defense companies, three out of the top six automotive companies and four out of the top five professional services firms. Our experts work with these companies to create a tailored transformation journey that leads to results and ROI. 

Here are some examples of the results enterprises see when partnering with Udacity: 

  • Shell saved $2M per incident through increased implementation of AI systems by upskilling 145 employees in machine learning and AI technologies. 
  • Cognizant saw an estimated 715% minimum increase in ROI by upskilling with Udacity
  • E.ON saved $463k attributed to reduced employee turnover and productivity gains 

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