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Now is the time to advance
your career in cybersecurity.

School of Cybersecurity

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  • 4 million

    additional trained staff is needed to close the skills gap.

  • $135k

    is the average annual salary for cybersecurity professionals.

  • Every 39 seconds

    a hacker launches an attack trying to steal valuable data.

Unleash your potential and create a meaningful impact.

A Higher Purpose

Make a difference

Build a rewarding career with a higher purpose — protect your family, friends, employer and country from hackers with malicious intent.

Unique Challenges

Solve intriguing problems

In cybersecurity, no two days are ever the same. That’s because new attacks are constantly being created and old threats take on new variations. You’ll always be challenged to stay ahead of the next threat.

Abundant Opportunities

Grow your career

Once you have the fundamentals, cybersecurity is a field that lets you build on them. And because the demand in the industry is so vast, you’ll have a host of opportunities to further your career as the industry changes.

An Emerging Field

Forge your own path

Cybersecurity touches organizations across every industry with a multitude of jobs from entry level on up, so there’s no one best way to launch a career in cybersecurity.

Intro Video

Who becomes a threat hunter? People like you.

Experience a day in the life of a cyber threat hunter. Discover how our unique, hands-on approach can prepare almost anyone to tackle real-world cyber scenarios — regardless of current know-how or expertise.


Jerry Smith

Course Instructor

Jerry Smith is a lead threat hunter for the Security Operation Center at the University of Alabama Birmingham but he started as a history major. Today, he’ll be your instructor and show you how to grow your career too.

Find the Nanodegree program that’s right for you.

There are a lot of different cyber programs and certificates, but most focus on theory over practical skill sets. Our programs range from beginner to expert levels and deliver the hands-on skills for real-world expertise.

  • Introduction to Cybersecurity

    Introduction to Cybersecurity

    Get your start in the high growth field of cybersecurity by building foundational skills in how to evaluate, maintain and monitor the security of computer systems.

    Sample Hands-on Project

    Navigate a cyber attack to safeguard a hospital from a massive data breach, prevent sensitive data from being stolen and help improve security to prevent other breaches.

  • Security Analyst

    Security Analyst

    Learn to identify, correct and respond to security weaknesses and incidents. You’ll also get real-world experience monitoring network traffic, analyzing alert and log data, and following incident handling procedures.

    Sample Hands-on Project

    An attack on a global juice shop is taking down their website in an attempt to steal valuable data. Help identify the threat actor, conduct a risk analysis and build a mitigation plan.

  • Security Engineer

    Security Engineer

    Take advantage of the growing need for skilled security professionals by mastering the sought-after skills to protect an organization’s computer networks and systems from security threats or attacks.

    Sample Hands-on Project

    Help a small island nation secure their nuclear reactor plant by tracking the threat down the attack chain. Then assess the system’s resilience to minimize future risk.

  • Enterprise Security

    Enterprise Security

    This program addresses security topics related to corporate environments, which are often distinct from production environments and center around the devices, identities, and infrastructure used by the company’s personnel on a daily basis.

  • Security Architect

    Security Architect

    The goal of the Security Architect Nanodegree is to equip learners with the necessary skills required to advance their careers in the field of cybersecurity. Prepare to meet the demand for qualified security analysts that can implement elements of security infrastructure design and management at an enterprise level.

  • Ethical Hacker

    Ethical Hacker

    Master the skills necessary to become a successful Ethical Hacker. Learn how to find and exploit vulnerabilities and weaknesses in various systems, design and execute a penetration testing plan, and report on test findings using valid evidence.

    Sample Hands-on Project

    Implement and utilize modern penetration testing methodologies on a national bank’s virtual operations. Then maintain testing documentation and generate a report to show business applications of testing.

  • Data Privacy

    Data Privacy

    Data privacy has applications across all industries because cybersecurity threats are more prevalent than ever. Our Data Privacy Course enables learners to fill skills gaps and advance their career. With each lesson, they’ll be more equipped to implement industry-guided best practices in physical or virtual office environments.

  • Zero Trust Security

    Zero Trust Security

    Companies around the world are facing constant and evolving cyber attacks, so it’s imperative that they find talent with the dynamic skills to address these pressing issues.

  • Cybersecurity for Business Leaders

    Cybersecurity for Business Leaders

    Learn to leverage the capabilities of cybersecurity best practices to protect your organization and unlock next-level results.

The most effective way
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  • Real-World Projects

    Learn by doing.

    Hands-on projects mimic scenarios that you might encounter on the job — ensuring you'll be ready for real workplace challenges upon graduation.

  • 24/7 Technical Mentor Support

    Remove learning blocks.

    On-demand help is available when you need it so you can learn better, faster. Plus, get personalized feedback on all your projects.

  • Flexible Learning Program

    Choose your schedule.

    Udacity courses are self-paced so you can gain new skills learning part-time for about 10 hours per week in as little as 12 weeks.

  • Top-Tier Industry Partners

    Learn from the best.

    Our courses are co-created with top companies, so you can learn the high-impact skills that are in demand right now.