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School of Cybersecurity

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  • 4 million

    additional trained staff is needed to close the skills gap.

  • $135k

    is the average annual salary for cybersecurity professionals.

  • Every 39 seconds

    a hacker launches an attack trying to steal valuable data.

Unleash your potential and create a meaningful impact.

Intro Video

Who becomes a threat hunter? People like you.

Experience a day in the life of a cyber threat hunter. Discover how our unique, hands-on approach can prepare almost anyone to tackle real-world cyber scenarios — regardless of current know-how or expertise.


Jerry Smith

Course Instructor

Jerry Smith is a lead threat hunter for the Security Operation Center at the University of Alabama Birmingham but he started as a history major. Today, he’ll be your instructor and show you how to grow your career too.

Find the Nanodegree program that’s right for you.

There are a lot of different cyber programs and certificates, but most focus on theory over practical skill sets. Our programs range from beginner to expert levels and deliver the hands-on skills for real-world expertise.

  • Introduction to Cybersecurity

    Introduction to Cybersecurity

    Sample Hands-on Project

    Navigate a cyber attack to safeguard a hospital from a massive data breach, prevent sensitive data from being stolen and help improve security to prevent other breaches.

  • Security Analyst

    Security Analyst

    Sample Hands-on Project

    An attack on a global juice shop is taking down their website in an attempt to steal valuable data. Help identify the threat actor, conduct a risk analysis and build a mitigation plan.

  • Security Engineer

    Security Engineer

    Sample Hands-on Project

    Help a small island nation secure their nuclear reactor plant by tracking the threat down the attack chain. Then assess the system’s resilience to minimize future risk.

  • Ethical Hacker

    Ethical Hacker

    Sample Hands-on Project

    Implement and utilize modern penetration testing methodologies on a national bank’s virtual operations. Then maintain testing documentation and generate a report to show business applications of testing.

  • Cybersecurity for Business Leaders

    Cybersecurity for Business Leaders

The most effective way
to learn new skills.

  • Real-World Projects

    Learn by doing.

    Hands-on projects mimic scenarios that you might encounter on the job — ensuring you'll be ready for real workplace challenges upon graduation.

  • 24/7 Technical Mentor Support

    Remove learning blocks.

    On-demand help is available when you need it so you can learn better, faster. Plus, get personalized feedback on all your projects.

  • Flexible Learning Program

    Choose your schedule.

    Udacity courses are self-paced so you can gain new skills learning part-time for about 10 hours per week in as little as 12 weeks.

  • Top-Tier Industry Partners

    Learn from the best.

    Our courses are co-created with top companies, so you can learn the high-impact skills that are in demand right now.