Blog Artificial Intelligence Up and to the Right: See Where Udacity Lies in the IDC Marketscape Report

Up and to the Right: See Where Udacity Lies in the IDC Marketscape Report

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When choosing a partner in digital talent transformation, will you choose a leader or follower? 

We’re excited to announce that Udacity has been named a leader in the IDC Marketspace IT Training Assessment for 2021. This report assesses the capabilities and strategies of many of the most well-known IT training vendors in the United States and places them according to qualifications and procedure.

It is an honor to be recognized by IDC. We believe our strong position in the leaders category further proves that Udacity is the best digital talent partner for enterprises that  want to stay ahead in the race towards digital transformation.

This race is moving quickly, and companies are falling behind. In a separate report by IDC, 76% of businesses think they have less than a year to figure out how to achieve digital transformation. For some companies, it’s already too late. According to the Harvard Business Review,  52% of Fortune 500 companies have become obsolete since 2002 as a result of digital disruption

The #1 risk to digital transformation? Talent shortage, according to Gartner. Specifically, digital talent shortage.

Industry leaders know they have to start looking inward for digital talent, whether it be training existing employees or training to hire. While there are an array of possible partners in talent transformation, the stakes are too high to choose just any partner. The companies that want to run the race and win should partner with a trusted leader who has the experience and tools to transform existing talent into the digital talent they need to win. 

We hope this report is helpful to you as you make your decisions. Another resource you’ll find valuable is our recently published “Talent Transformation Global Impact Report.” 

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