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The ultimate threat to business? Digital talent gaps.


Our Talent Transformation Global Impact Report reveals that it's past time for a new digital talent strategy. Current learning and development efforts aren't cutting it—putting enterprises face‑to‑face with business failure.

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The threat:


of enterprises

have experienced a negative impact to their business due to talent gaps.

The glaring disconnect:


of enterprises

think their L&D programs are successful.


of employees

are only somewhat satisfied or not satisfied at all.

This deep dive into the current state of the global workforce sheds light on how organizations are being forced to evolve in an increasingly tech-dependent economy. We surveyed 2,000+ managers and 4,000+ employees across four countries: the United States, United Kingdom, France, and Germany. In the report, we share the urgency of talent transformation initiatives in today’s challenging business environment, where eliminating digital talent gaps is critical to business survival.

Key insights:

  • Digital transformation is stagnating due to shortages in job-ready digital talent.
  • Enterprises and employees are aligned about the critical need to build job-ready skills.
  • Enterprises that don’t radically transform their talent will fail.

Udacity is the trusted market leader in talent transformation.

We change lives, businesses, and nations by creating job-ready digital talent at scale. 
With over a decade of experience, Udacity provides comprehensive solutions to address widespread digital talent shortages impacting growth, productivity, and innovation.