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Best Business Analytics Jobs: 4 Career Paths You Must Explore

Data-related careers have skyrocketed in the last few years. And business analytics jobs are, undoubtedly, some of the most popular in the field. Corporations have begun to increasingly rely on data to better understand their customers, target their audience, improve business operations and more. 

Business analytics has also helped organizations make  better decisions by solving real business problems. Thus, people who are skilled in business analytics have  proven to be highly beneficial and impactful for businesses.

There has never been a better time to look for a business analytics job. Let’s take a look at some of the best business analytics jobs and career paths that you can explore. 

Business Analytics Jobs That You Must Explore

The business analytics job landscape is burgeoning with growth and opportunities spanning across  industries. Moreover, the nature of the job often allows for full-time roles, remote work flexibility and even self-employment.

Depending on your experience level, there are many common business analytics career paths. Entry-level business analytics job titles might include roles like operations research analyst, computer systems analyst, information security analyst, business data analyst and more.

The roles for mid- to senior-level business analysts are quite different. Here are the mid-to senior-level business analyst jobs that we think you must explore:

1. Senior Data Analyst

Average annual salary$89,071

Role and responsibilities – Senior data analysts are responsible for gathering, organizing and communicating data to strategic business stakeholders. 

Professionals in these roles might also:

  • Oversee a small team
  • Use data insights to develop a reporting system 
  • Provide maintenance and support to data systems whenever required

Top companies hiring for senior data analysts in the United States include Golden 1 Credit Union, Genentech, Uber, Autodesk and Intuit.

2. Analytics Manager

Average annual salary$99,818

Role and responsibilities – Analytics managers are responsible for setting the standard for data collection strategies and overseeing performance metrics, potential for risk and other key aspects of data collection. 

Other duties include:

  • Statistical analysis of data sets 
  • Information extraction 
  • Development of end-user reports that effectively communicate insights

Top companies hiring for analytics managers in the United States include  eBay, Intuit, Discover Financial Services, Kearney and Visa.

3. Data Project Manager

Average annual salary$83,073

Role and responsibilities – Data project managers are project managers specializing in data or analysis. They have similar responsibilities to general project managers

Their responsibilities include:

  • Managing data-specific projects from conception to conclusion 
  • Keeping various team members on track to meet deadlines and complete deliverables

Top companies hiring for data project managers in the United States include  Labcorp, North Memorial Health, MassMutual, Syneos Health Clinical and DISYS.

4. Principal Data Analyst

Average annual salary$100,000

 Role and responsibilities – Principal data analysts usually hold leadership roles within larger data teams. 

Their major responsibilities include: 

  • Designing complex data systems 
  • Developing an intricate understanding of an organization’s business needs 
  • Using both to help strategically guide an organization in achieving its goals

Top companies hiring for principal data analysts in the United States include  Southwest Research Institute, Visteon, VantagePoint, VerisLaw and Qualtrics.

Get Skilled for the Best Business Analytics Jobs Now

The demand on online training for business analytics professionals currently outweighs the supply. This can mean that companies are willing to pay a premium to fill their open job positions.

This is the best time to get skilled for business analytics jobs. Check out our Business Analytics Nanodegree program for individuals, or our Enterprise Business Training to gain foundational data skills applicable to any industry. Learn to collect and analyze data, model business scenarios and communicate your findings with SQL, Excel and Tableau.

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