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Google Analytics

Develop Google Analytics Expertise
Through world-class instruction and hands-on training, gain in-depth knowledge of the leading web analytics tool. Learn to build dashboards, understand user behavior, evaluate campaigns, and drive growth.

In collaboration with

  • Google
  • e-nor

We are not taking enrollments at this time

We do offer a Marketing Analytics Nanodegree program, which covers foundational business analytics skills and the Google Analytics tool.

All Our Programs Include

Real-world projects from industry experts

Real-world projects from industry experts

With real world projects and immersive content built in partnership with top tier companies, you’ll master the tech skills companies want.
Technical mentor support

Technical mentor support

Our knowledgeable mentors guide your learning and are focused on answering your questions, motivating you and keeping you on track.
Personal career coach and career services

Personal career coach and career services

You’ll have access to career coaching sessions, interview prep advice, and resume and online professional profile reviews to help you grow in your career.
Flexible learning program

Flexible learning program

Get a custom learning plan tailored to fit your busy life. Learn at your own pace and reach your personal goals on the schedule that works best for you.

Why Take This Program?

Google Analytics is one of the most widely-used business tools in the world, and as a highly proficient user, you’ll be in demand, and able to power growth by leveraging your invaluable skills. Build fluency with Google Tag Manager and Data Studio, and learn to use advanced reporting techniques, analyze and optimize results, and produce actionable insights.

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Over 40 million websites use Google Analytics to track performance

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Learn by Doing

In this program, you’ll acquire in-depth knowledge of Google Analytics, as you learn to use advanced reporting techniques, analyze and optimize results, build fluency with Google Tag Manager and Data Studio, and produce actionable insights that power significant business growth.

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Build out your Portfolio

Work on four real-world projects that will become high-caliber pieces to add to your portfolio. Each project is an opportunity to approach a common marketing challenge, perform in-depth analysis, and present a solution.

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Use Advanced Analytics, No Programming Required

Learn to generate advanced and actionable business insights from data, without the need for programming skills. Strategically evaluate problems, build dashboards, track user behavior, and more.

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Join An Engaging Community

Draw inspiration and knowledge from a dynamic student community, and stay on track with the support of a mentor network and platform directly in the classroom. Get easily accessible guidance on specific challenges or projects.

Advance Your Career

Designed to prepare you for career success in Google Analytics.

In this program, you’ll acquire indispensable business skills that are in high demand across virtually all industries. You’ll build an outstanding portfolio of real-world projects that demonstrate your ability to solve complex business challenges with data-powered strategies, and you’ll do so with curriculum developed in collaboration with Google, and the analytics leaders at E-Nor.

Hiring Partners

Hiring Partners

Create your portfolio and open up a world of opportunities.

As an accomplished user of one of the most valuable business tools in the world today, you are in high demand across industries, and our hiring partners are eager to learn about your skills.

Succeed with Recruiters

Succeed with Recruiters

Work with career professionals to impress recruiters

Work with experienced career professionals for tailored advice on how to improve your search and impress recruiters, including feedback on your LinkedIn and professional brand.

Build a Great Network

Build a Great Network

Connect with our global community to grow your career.

40,000+ highly-skilled grads make up your new career community. Ready to collaborate, share referrals, or hire your own team? The Udacity Alumni Network is here for you!

What You Will Learn


Develop Google Analytics Expertise

Learn how to refine Google Analytics data, build dashboards in Data Studio, and use UTM tagging for campaigns, Google Tag Manager, and channel customization to understand user behavior through cross-domain, cross-device, and mobile tracking.

Using Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Data Studio learn how to refine and enrich data, build dashboards, and understand user behavior.

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4 months to complete

Prerequisite Knowledge

Students should have basic computer skills, be comfortable navigating online, and be familiar with the basic techniques for working with data.

  • Measurement Strategy and Implementation

    Learn how to develop a measurement strategy and understand the fundamentals of Google Analytics within the context of Google Tag Manager.

    Measurement Plan and Implementation
  • Advanced Displays, Segmentation, and Filtering

    Learn how to understand data by using Google Analytics for creating advanced graphical displays and segmenting audiences.

    Advanced Displays, Segmentation & Filtering
  • Acquisition, Conversion, Ecommerce, & Attribution

    Learn how to use UTM tagging for campaigns and the channel customization process, and step through the fundamentals of using Google Attribution 360.

    Acquisition, Conversion, Ecommerce & Attribution
  • Dashboards, Custom Reports, Alerts

    Learn about the fundamentals of creating custom reports, and step through the process of building data dashboards in Google Analytics & Data Studio.

    Creating Custom Reports, Dashboards & Custom Alerts
We're very excited about the new Google Analytics Nanodegree program at Udacity. We know firsthand that professionals from all over the world—from small business owners to large, global organizations—use Google Analytics to find insights and drive successful data-powered strategies. Students in this program will learn valuable, real-world skills that they can apply immediately. Analytics skills are in demand - this Nanodegree program can help anyone get ahead.

Justin Cutroni, Director of Display, Video Ads & Analytics Education, Google

Learn with the best

Feras Alhlou
Feras Alhlou

Principal Consultant

Feras is Co-Founder of E-Nor, a digital analytics and marketing intelligence consultancy, and a leading Google Analytics Certified Partner. He has an extensive background in marketing and data intelligence and is a trusted advisor to some of the world's most recognized brands.

Eric Fettman
Eric Fettman

Analytics Coach

Eric is an Analytics Instructor and Coach at E-Nor. In this role, he has worked with hundreds of participants at different stages of their career. He is also co-author of “Google Analytics Breakthrough: From Zero to Business Impact.”

Damaris Lasa
Damaris Lasa

Digital Analyst

Damaris is a Certified Web Analyst and Sr. Digital Analytics Consultant at E-Nor. She helps Fortune 500 companies develop world-class analytics programs and has previously worked on advanced implementations for Ticketmaster, Fitbit, and Broadcom.

Scott Burnam
Scott Burnam

Digital Analyst

Scott is a Digital Analytics Consultant at E-Nor, and brings to his work two decades of marketing experience in higher education, and as the owner of the Burnam Consulting Group.

Patrick Soch
Patrick Soch

Digital Analyst

Patrick is a Digital Analytics Consultant at E-Nor, with two decades of experience managing search engine marketing campaigns for online retailers, premium brands, online travel sites, and higher education institutions.

Anke Audenaert
Anke Audenaert


Anke led the development of Digital Marketing programs at Udacity. She previously ran Market Research at Yahoo!, co-founded two companies, and is on the marketing faculty at UCLA Anderson.

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Program Details

Program Overview - Why Should I Take this Program?
  • Why should I enroll?
    The Google Analytics Nanodegree program is an intermediate Google Analytics curriculum, focused on providing in-demand Google Analytics skills and preparing students for the Google Analytics IQ exam. We’ve collaborated with industry leaders like E-Nor and Google, to help ensure that you emerge from the program with a robust understanding of how Google Analytics works, and why it's so valuable marketers who are seeking to gain an in-depth competency in analytics. This program offers you the opportunity to master analytical skills valued by top employers, while establishing a portfolio of work demonstrating your ability to solve complex marketing problems.
  • What jobs will this program prepare me for?
    Graduates will be uniquely prepared to fill a wide array of marketing analytics roles. These include: marketing analytics specialist, marketing analyst, digital marketing analyst, product marketing analyst, sales marketing analyst, or senior marketing analyst.
  • How do I know if this program is right for me?
    If your goal is to advance your career as a marketer, or be positioned to start a career as a marketing analytics specialist, then this is the right program for you, because it offers in-depth real-world experience. You’ll learn in-demand Google Analytics skills by using advanced reporting techniques, analyzing and optimizing results, and producing actionable insights based on your analyses. If you have some experience working with data, and you're ready to apply those skills to real-world projects, then we encourage you to enroll today.
Enrollment and Admission
  • Do I need to apply? What are the admission criteria?
    No. This Nanodegree program accepts all applicants regardless of experience and specific background.
  • What are the prerequisites for enrollment?
    The Google Analytics Nanodegree program is designed for students with any skill level and work background. Students should be comfortable using a computer, navigating online, and be familiar with the basic techniques for working with data
Tuition and Term of Program
  • How long is this Nanodegree program?
    Access to this Nanodegree program runs for the length of time specified in the payment card above. If you do not graduate within that time period, you will continue learning with month to month payments. See the Terms of Use and FAQs for other policies regarding the terms of access to our Nanodegree programs.
  • Can I switch my start date? Can I get a refund?
    Please see the Udacity Nanodegree program FAQs found here for policies on enrollment in our programs.
  • How much does the program cost?
    The full program consists of one (1) four (4)-month long term, at a cost of USD $999. Payment is due before the term begins.
Software and Hardware - What Do I Need for This Program?
  • What software and versions will I need in this program?
    To enroll, students should have basic computer skills and utilize an updated version of their current web browser.