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Cloud, AI and Machine Learning: Top Skills You Can Learn With Our All-New Courses

We launch new Nanodegree programs and free courses regularly to support your upskilling in emerging tech fields. All Udacity Nanodegree programs and free courses are designed to further support our mission to train the world’s workforce in the career of the future. 

In case you missed which Nanodegree programs and free courses we have launched this quarter, here is a quick recap of what has been released so far, and what you will learn from each. 

Newly Launched Nanodegree & Executive Programs to Make You Job-Ready

Cloud Computing for Business Leaders Executive Program

We introduced our newest executive program — Cloud Computing for Business Leaders Executive Program — to help business leaders gain the technical understanding to make tough, IT-driven decisions in the field of cloud computing. 

This program focuses on the unique knowledge and skills that business leaders need to unlock the value of cloud technologies in their organizations, or enable a more cloud-native department that leverages cloud computing to drive growth and create operational efficiencies.

The program covers the following topics:

  • Introduction and Business Case for Cloud Computing
  • Organizational Capability Building for Cloud
  • Cloud Governance Model – Strategy and Implementation
  • Cloud Innovation and Futures

The program ends with a Capstone project where you will leverage the key learning objectives covered in the program to build a cloud strategy for a fictitious retail company based on a variety of inputs.

If you’re a business leader or executive who is interested in learning more about cloud computing, this executive program  is for you.

Cloud Native Application Architecture Nanodegree Program

Launched in early May this year, the Cloud Native Application Architecture Nanodegree program is the newest addition to our School of Cloud Computing

In as little as four months (at 10 hours/week), the Cloud Native Application Architecture Nanodegree program is designed to teach students how to run and manage scalable applications in a cloud native environment.

The Nanodegree program covers  the following topics:

  • Cloud Native Fundamentals
  • Message Passing
  • Observability
  • Microservices Security

The Nanodegree program also includes the following projects:

1. Deploy a News Website

You’ll extend a news website (TechTrends) on a cloud-native ecosystem to include logs, metrics and data visualization. You’ll package changes to a Docker image and use Kubernetes to deploy the new website.

2. Refactoring a Cloud Native App

You will take an existing app (UdaConnect) and refactor the microservice architecture while implementing message passing strategies.

3. Performance Monitoring

You will learn the basic tools around application tracing and performance monitoring, including using Grafana to create dashboards and data visualizations. 

4. Microservice Security

You will create a hardened Docker container and deploy it as a private image. Then, you’ll identify, fix and write an incident report on a simulated security breach.

The program also comes with a Capstone project where you will draw on all of the skills learned throughout the program  to evaluate the costs of products in different currencies on an e-commerce website and follow the product recommendations with variate discount rates based on ads.

Free Courses to Help You Take Your  First Step Towards a Fulfilling Career 

AI Fundamentals in Collaboration with Microsoft Azure

In the AI Fundamentals course, students will learn foundational concepts around artificial intelligence and machine learning, and how to implement those learnings with Microsoft Azure.

This basic-level course is designed for technical and non-technical students alike and anyone can gain value from this course. 

In as little as one month at 20 hours a week, students who enroll in the free AI Fundamentals course will learn five lessons:

  • AI and ML Core Concepts — Understand the basic definitions of AI and ML, the connection between them and learn about the common types of AI and ML workloads.
  • Machine Learning — Identify the core components of datasets, map ML algorithms to specific problem cases, understand various ML approaches and learn how to train and deploy a ML model using Azure ML Automated ML. 
  • Computer Vision — Learn about computer vision workloads and understand the capabilities of various services, including custom vision, face recognition and form recognition.
  • Natural Language Processing — Learn about Azure’s text analytics, speech and language understanding services.
  • Conversational AI — Identify use cases for conversational AI, learn how to create, train and test a bot using Azure.

If you are interested in starting your journey with AI, then enroll now in this free course.

Introduction to Machine Learning using Microsoft Azure

Machine learning is a fast-growing field. We launched the free course—Introduction to Machine Learning using Microsoft Azure—in partnership with Microsoft to help professionals get their tech career started in the field of machine learning.

This two-month free course is focused on teaching you the fundamentals of machine learning and is an ideal stepping stone for anyone interested in the field. 

If you’re interested in becoming an Azure machine learning engineer and learning from experts at the forefront of the field, enroll in this free course now.

Learn the Most In-demand Skills Now with Our Newly Launched Courses 

If you want to learn about some of the most in-demand fields that will help you get ready for the emerging technologies, then check out our Nanodegree programs and free courses and enroll now.

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