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Marketing Analytics Salary Expectations for 2021

With digital marketing being listed as one of the hottest jobs for 2021 by LinkedIn, it’s not surprising marketing analytics roles are in high demand. The average marketing analytics salary offers competitive compensation in a field that will only grow in coming years.

Before you start looking for a marketing analytics role, you’ll want to consider a variety of factors as well as determine your salary expectations.

Read on to learn more about what to expect for your marketing analytics salary in 2021.

Your Marketing Analytics Salary

Like predictive analytics, the marketing analytics salary ranges widely depending on the specific role. Positions span from entry-level marketing analytics specialists to marketing analytics managers, directors and even vice presidents. 

When looking for a marketing analytics role you’ll be competing in a hot market, but there are thousands of jobs available. At the time this post was written, our marketing analytics job research found the following: 

  • Nearly 52,000 marketing analytics jobs currently posted on LinkedIn
  • Nearly 9,000 marketing analytics jobs on Glassdoor
  • Over 58,000 jobs on Indeed

In the U.S., these jobs are concentrated in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle and Boston. However, the second-highest location for jobs was listed as remote, making market analytics jobs more accessible than ever. 

Your marketing analytics salary will be influenced by the market you’re in. According to Glassdoor, the marketing analytics salary runs on average at about $54,000. Comparatively, the marketing analytics manager salary averages $66,000 annually

On, the average marketing analytics salary was listed at approximately $64,000 a year, and the marketing analytics manager salary at $113,000 annually

Marketing Analytics: Roles and Responsibilities 

Marketing analytics internships are a great way to get practical experience in a professional environment. 

While the roles and responsibilities in r marketing analytics will vary depending on your job level, for the purposes of helping you be as prepared as possible, we’re going to take a look at the role of marketing analytics analyst.

Candidates who want to secure a marketing analytics role will need to have a Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree in marketing or a business-related major, or equivalent experience. Experience with Excel, Tableau, Google Analytics, and Data Studio are also considered essential for those looking to secure a healthy marketing analytics salary. 

Responsibilities for marketing analytics analysts typically include:

  • Creating and evaluating processes and methods for collecting marketing data like focus groups, surveys, polls, and questionnaires. 
  • Interpreting and organizing data into reports, graphs and tables.
  • Monitoring trends and predicting impacts.
  • Measuring marketing campaign effectiveness and tracking progress towards meeting KPIs. 
  • Presenting findings to organizational leadership through the use of data visualization to help inform business decisions.

Upskill to Get Your Dream Marketing Analytics Salary

To secure a competitive marketing analytics salary your skills and experience will make all the difference. In such a hot market, potential employers are looking for candidates who stand out from the crowd, so having a full suite of skills and a solid foundation in digital marketing is critical.

Even if you have prior experience, you can get an edge by being ahead of the curve with analytics tools and platforms. Upskilling can make all the difference to ensuring you get the best possible marketing analytics salary. 

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