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This hub provides you with a comprehensive repository for information about self-driving cars — one of the most popular and important tech products that can positively impact your life!

People have been excited about self-driving cars since the early 1900s. As early as 1939, people saw versions of self-driving cars on display at the New York World’s Fair Futurama exhibit. In the time since, people and technology have greatly improved the first autonomous vehicle prototypes.

You have many reasons to be excited about self-driving cars today. Autonomous vehicles can improve driving safety, increase your leisure time, and reduce your stress levels while behind the wheel. Further, electric self-driving cars are a means toward a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.

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Self-driving Cars Spark Our Imagination

We hope you’ve caught the same enthusiasm bug for self-driving cars that we have. Not only can self-driving cars improve peoples’ lives, they’re just fascinating to learn about!

Self-driving cars are front runners of progressive technologies. They are artificially intelligent machines equipped with high-tech tools like ultrasonic sensors, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), lasers, and even sonar. 

Self-driving cars sense their surroundings with advanced tech like machine learning and computer vision, and data-processing techniques like particle filtering and sensor fusion.

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Udacity’s team is passionate about self-driving cars. In fact, Udacity’s founder, Sebastian Thrun, is an expert in the field of self-driving cars. He is an experienced self-driving car developer and winning team leader.

Udacity offers many online training programs related to self-driving cars. Mercedes-Benz Research and Development North America (MBRDNA) has partnered with Udacity to build the team’s Self-driving Car Engineer and Sensor Fusion Engineer Nanodegree programs.

Udacity offers many additional programs related to self-driving cars such as:

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