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Digital transformation is about so much more than implementing Slack in your company to streamline communication. The goal of digital transformation is to drive organizational change and support growth, and that requires the thoughtful, strategic use of technology like enterprise artificial intelligence (AI). 

To drive successful digital transformation in your organization, you must first drive alignment within your leadership and people teams. This will help streamline the solution, strategy, and execution.

Despite what the phrase AI may make you think of, it’s not only a hot trend or something to be used for one-off projects. It’s a powerful tool to drive digital transformation at scale. 

Let’s take a look at how AI can help transform your workforce.

Change How Your Workforce Functions with AI

When it comes to your business, data equals knowledge. But that data needs to be used fully in order to reap all the benefits and not trapped in databases or spreadsheets. AI can help your company make sense of reams of data at all levels of the company to drive process improvements, streamline tasks for employees, provide better customer service, and ultimately achieve a return on investment (ROI). 

When it comes to AI, it can be challenging to figure out where to start. Like any other project where you’re focused on digital transformation, starting with a few key areas where you can see quantifiable gains and then working from there is always a great approach. 

Here are a few specific ways AI can help your business.

Increase Efficiency by Augmenting and Automating Processes

When it comes to efficiency, AI offers countless options to augment and automate existing platforms and processes, such as completing repetitive tasks or doing deep-dive data analysis. By investing in AI solutions, you’re freeing up time for your employees to do other higher-value tasks. 

Both augmentation and automation aren’t necessarily focused on eliminating jobs, but rather finding ways for employees to do their jobs better. Processes and workflows can be monitored using AI tools which will then make recommendations for improvements and also identify areas where the users may be struggling. 

Enhance Customer Experience

It’s no secret that customer experience (CX) can provide a competitive advantage, which is why AI can be so powerful. To consistently improve CX, most organizations are collecting massive amounts of data, but putting that data to work is sometimes a challenge.

As a result, an increasing number of CRM platforms are integrating AI technology that focuses on features like predictive analytics and real-time decision making to optimize the data they collect. 

This information can enable your company to align multiple business areas like sales, marketing, customer service, and product development. 

Two other areas where AI can make an impact on your CX are through the use of chatbots to provide real-time assistance, as well as the use of the data you have to hyper-personalize your interactions with your customer base.

Streamline Internal Communications

Internal communications can be a challenge, particularly in large organizations, as not everyone consistently gets the same messages. 

AI service desks are growing in popularity, and with good reason. These function as a central hub where employees can go and ask questions about anything from internal policies to workflows. 

If the AI service desk is unable to answer the question directly, they can assign the question to the right person within the company, making sure that employee questions are always answered. 

In the context of internal communications, AI can be used for something like managing two employees in separate locations that speak different languages. With an AI-powered translator, it’s business as usual and everyone is able to communicate effectively.  

Improve Recruitment 

Recruiters and hiring managers are always looking for new ways to attract top talent, and there are a host of AI-powered tools already on the market for this purpose. 

For example, Textio is an app designed to help those hiring create better job descriptions. It combs through past job descriptions for your company, as well as looking at other businesses, and then makes suggestions on how to best word your job description to find the most desirable candidates.

Other AI solutions geared towards HR departments include everything from programs to help match candidates with jobs to those that will complete the pre-screening requirements to AI-powered apps that let candidates schedule their own interviews. 

By using these solutions, your hiring team can spend less time on administrative work, and free up time to focus on finding the right candidates. 

Make AI a Priority

Whether you choose to start small or do a full-scale implementation, incorporating AI across your organization can have a significant impact on your workforce. 

With technology evolving so rapidly, the options for AI tools will continue to increase and become more complex. 

By taking the first steps to start your digital transformation training, your business will be better positioned to create improved business results.

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