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Track program deadlines, events, and personal study sessions on any calendar app!

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Now, you can integrate your study schedule with the rest of your life and work commitments with the new Nanodegree Calendar Sync. Simply click “Add to Calendar” and sync your study sessions, project deadlines, and term dates with your personal Google, Apple, Yahoo!, or Outlook calendar apps.

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Balancing Life and Learning

Your friend asks you to help them move some furniture on Thursday, your family wants to see a movie Friday, and your significant other wants to go out this weekend, so you take a look at your calendar…

“My Google Calendar shows that I’m free, so I’ll be there!”

Then Sunday rolls around, you come back tired and remember that you missed your planned study sessions for the week and your project is due tomorrow! It’s now crunch time to get that project done.

It should be easier for you to balance your life commitments with your learning. Next time, you can unite your life and learning plans with the new Nanodegree Calendar Sync feature.

Click “Add to Calendar” to sync your Nanodegree dates instantly!

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Simply click “Add to Calendar” during your welcome experience, choose your favorite calendar app, and all of your Nanodegree deadlines, term dates, and personal study sessions will be automatically synced to your calendar app.

You can now schedule that meeting or date night while keeping track of your important program dates and study sessions.

Just click “Add to Calendar” to keep in sync and on track.

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