Google Android Scholarships

We are very excited to announce 10,000 new Android developer scholarships, funded by Google! This new scholarship initiative is specifically for EU residents who want to become Android developers. 9000 of the available scholarships are earmarked for absolute beginners, and the additional 1000 will be offered to more experienced developers. So whether you’re eager to build your very first app, or ready to take Google’s Android exam to earn your Google certification, we’ve got an amazing new scholarship opportunity for ALL aspiring Android developers in the EU!

As we close out 2016 and look ahead to a new year, we know you’re thinking about your goals for the future, and we want to make sure that if learning Android is on your list, you have every opportunity possible to pursue this dream and make it a reality in 2017. But that’s not the only reason we’ve timed this launch announcement for today—we’ve also got some fantastic new content to make available: a completely new and improved course on Developing Android Apps, and the all new Associate Android Developer Fast Track, which is your complete path to Google certification.

Are you ready to dive headfirst into YOUR future in Android development? Then apply for a scholarship today; applications close December 18!

1000 Scholarships for the Associate Android Developer Fast Track

At I/O this year, the Google Developers team announced the Associate Android Developer Certification. Then Udacity and Google immediately got to work developing new educational content that would equip developers with the competencies evaluated in that certification. We launched the Associate Android Developer Fast Track last week, to coincide with this scholarship announcement. It includes a completely overhauled Developing Android Apps course, with brand-new content covering the essential fundamentals you’ll need as a professional Android developer. (Note: to be eligible for the Associate Android Developer Fast Track scholarship, you’ll need 1-2 years experience developing in Java or another object-oriented programming language).

Learn more about Associate Android Developer Fast Track here, and when you’re ready, apply for a scholarship!

9000 Scholarships for Beginners

Relatively new to programming? Never written a line of code? No problem! We have 9000 scholarships specifically for aspiring Android developers who are motivated, and ready to complete our beginning curriculum. Scholarship recipients will be enrolled in Android Basics: User Interface, which is designed for students with no programming experience. You’ll have access to course materials, support from Udacity staff to answer your questions, and a vibrant community of your fellow scholars. Plus, the top 1000 in this class will receive an additional  3 months of study in our Android Basics Nanodegree by Google program, allowing you to take your Android education even further.

Ready to make that amazing app idea of yours a reality? Then apply for a scholarship today!

New Year, New Opportunities

Starting to feel that 2017 excitement? Then use that New Year’s motivation to learn Android! Scholarships will be awarded on January 5th, and in just three short months, you could be putting the finishing touches on your first Android app, or be preparing to take Google’s Associate Android Developer Certification exam!

Google’s is committed to supporting and growing the next generation of Android developers, and for our EU community, this new scholarship initiative represents an extraordinary opportunity. Udacity is ready with the most cutting-edge content available, backed by the kind of personalized support you won’t find anywhere else. And what you bring to the table in the way of motivation, dedication, and  passion for Android development, completes the picture. Google, Udacity, and you. New year, new opportunities. Apply for a scholarship today (remember, applications close December 18, 2016!), and let’s begin your future.