We’re very pleased to introduce a new course into the Udacity mix: Intro to Programming, where you can learn Java with Cay Horstmann of San Jose State University, as well as Udacious programmers Cheng-Han Lee and Sara Tansey.

No prior experience is necessary to start learning with us! You’ll learn concepts such as classes, methods and argument passing, loops, and general problem solving skills to start coding up a storm.

If Intro to Programming sounds cool, but you’re not 100% sure what programming allows you to do, tune in to hear Cay’s explanation. Hint: you can tell computers to do pretty much anything as long as you speak their language!

What’s the difference between a toaster and a computer?

Now, there are a few languages to choose from, so why Java? Again, Cay has all the answers, and he’ll walk you through four good reasons to learn Java.

Four great reasons to learn Java.
Four good reasons to learn Java!

Don’t forget, you can also earn college credit as you learn with us this summer by signing up to take Intro to Programming with us and San Jose State University. Spots are limited and enrollment ends on May 24, so hurry to get your virtual seat!