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Welcome to Udacity’s own blog! We can’t believe how things have taken off in the past few months. Our first class (Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Peter Norvig) was the largest open online class on record, drawing students from over 180 countries. Now, we have an entire course offering online, built by a dedicated team that is driven by the vision of transforming people’s lives through education.

If you are enrolled in a Udacity course, you can call yourself a Udacian (You-day-shon)!  As a Udacian, you are actively participating in an experiment that will revolutionize higher education.

It’s really inspiring to see the feedback from our incredible students. Every day we get emails, forum posts, and facebook updates that remind us of the impact Udacity is already making.  We have only taken the first steps toward our goal of making phenomenal education available to everyone, and we are thrilled by the fact that so many of you already love what we are doing. It means the world to us!

In our short history, we has already been featured in numerous publications and we have received one award that’s particularly meaningful to me. When I was a teenager, I became interested in computer science by reading CHIP, a German computer magazine. Little did I know that one day CHIP would award Udacity with our first-ever international award!

Even with all this excitement, we still have a long way to go — we haven’t reached everyone yet!  We know there are more people out there whose lives can be improved through education. In addition to trying to increase the reach of our courses to the world, we also strive to continually improve our classes based on your feedback. Our passion and our mission is to empower you through education.

This blog will keep you updated on what’s happening at Udacity. We look forward to sharing helpful hints for students, interesting news, videos, contests and interviews with our staff, instructors and industry professionals.

If you are new to Udacity, find out more about us by watching the most recent interview I did with Charlie Rose or read about how Udacity got started in last month’s Wired’s article.

Thank you,

Sebastian Thrun
Founder, Udacity