Working with Box and Text Shadows

The technique of creating Shadows utilizes both HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). As you know from previous tutorials, HTML is the foundational code that is used to structure a web page and its content while CSS is used to enhance your web page with creative design aspects. 

In this tutorial, we will explore how you can give your web page something extra by applying shadows to boxes as well as to text. For this tutorial, let’s examine what it takes to do a simple layout so that you feel comfortable creating shadows. All you need to start with is a simple code editor such as Notepad which is free.

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How to Learn Artificial Intelligence

Robot humanoid face close up with graphic concept of AI thinking brain , artificial intelligence and machine learning process for the 4th fourth industrial revolution. 3D rendering

Learning new subjects can be daunting — especially complex tech subjects. Robots, self-driving cars, flying drones, and naturally speaking personal assistants are complex artificially intelligent technologies — and you can learn how to make them run.

Many people wonder how to break into the field of artificial intelligence (AI). AI is an exciting field full of progressive technologies with the potential to improve people’s lives. AI is also a challenging field full of intimidating terms and concepts like “Python,” “machine learning,” “TensorFlow,” and “neural networks.”

Udacity’s team wants to help you overcome feelings of doubt or anxiety you might have about expanding your real-world skill set to include artificial intelligence. Learn how you can get into the field of AI and do amazing things.

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Ethics in AI: What’s on the Horizon for This Field

White robot on blurred background using floating digital network connections with dots and lines 3D rendering

Imagine the paperclip maximizer —  an artificially intelligent machine designed to manufacture paperclips without also being programmed with ethics. Eventually, the paperclip maximizer — if left alone to fulfill its one goal of manufacturing paperclips — could exhaust all Earth resources and organisms, including humans.

The paperclip maximizer thought experiment demonstrates the importance of ethics in the development and use of artificial intelligence (AI). If people create AI machines without carefully considering and addressing how the machines can negatively impact humanity and Earth, everyone has a problem. 

The good news is that people do think through such dilemmas and recognize the importance of ethics in AI.

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Five Ways to Enhance Team Development With AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has quickly become part of our everyday lives, and it’s rapidly transforming how we work. A Gartner study reported that the use of AI in business grew by 270% in a four-year period, and that AI is seen as a game-changer in the face of a talent shortage.

As organizations use AI to help address their skills gap, there are a number of surprising ways they can use AI to help with team development. AI has the potential to transform your workforce by upgrading your team development programs. 

Here are five ways that AI can enhance your employee development and upskill your team.

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Artificial Intelligence Hub — Deep Insight Into the Inventive World of AI

Digital artificial intelligence computer brain icon hologram on blue background 3D rendering

Welcome to the Artificial Intelligence Hub!

This hub provides you with a comprehensive repository for information about artificial intelligence (AI) — one of the most enabling areas of technology today!

Artificial intelligence includes diverse topics like machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and neural networks. AI technology powers progress across industries.

Big data and cloud computing strengthen AI tech and make AI more useful and widely available. Economists, manufacturers, healthcare practitioners, biologists, and various tech specialists like roboticists and autonomous-systems developers use AI.

You have many reasons to be curious and excited about AI. Artificial intelligence enables sophisticated technologies like self-driving cars, humanized artificial personal assistants, intelligent game-playing computers, disease-diagnosing applications, and compassionate robots.

A future with AI can improve people’s lives.

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Exploring the Dynamic Range of Web Image Background Size

You may have read some of our HTML image tutorials. If so, then you’re probably well tuned to selecting interesting image backgrounds for your web page, but have you ever explored the dynamic range of your image background size? 

There are multiple ways to modify a background image that will yield a variety of fascinating results, but there are a few steps you’ll have to take to do this proficiently. 

In this tutorial, we will explore various ways to be creative with your background image and will show you the results from utilizing various CSS techniques.

Let’s get started.

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