How to Learn Artificial Intelligence

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Learning new subjects can be daunting — especially complex tech subjects. Robots, self-driving cars, flying drones, and naturally speaking personal assistants are complex artificially intelligent technologies — and you can learn how to make them run.

Many people wonder how to break into the field of artificial intelligence (AI). AI is an exciting field full of progressive technologies with the potential to improve people’s lives. AI is also a challenging field full of intimidating terms and concepts like “Python,” “machine learning,” “TensorFlow,” and “neural networks.”

Udacity’s team wants to help you overcome feelings of doubt or anxiety you might have about expanding your real-world skill set to include artificial intelligence. Learn how you can get into the field of AI and do amazing things.

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Artificial Intelligence Hub — Deep Insight Into the Inventive World of AI

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Welcome to the Artificial Intelligence Hub!

This hub provides you with a comprehensive repository for information about artificial intelligence (AI) — one of the most enabling areas of technology today!

Artificial intelligence includes diverse topics like machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and neural networks. AI technology powers progress across industries.

Big data and cloud computing strengthen AI tech and make AI more useful and widely available. Economists, manufacturers, healthcare practitioners, biologists, and various tech specialists like roboticists and autonomous-systems developers use AI.

You have many reasons to be curious and excited about AI. Artificial intelligence enables sophisticated technologies like self-driving cars, humanized artificial personal assistants, intelligent game-playing computers, disease-diagnosing applications, and compassionate robots.

A future with AI can improve people’s lives.

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Artificial Intelligence vs Deep Learning: What’s the Difference?

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Self-driving cars, flying drones, robotic rovers, wildlife trackers, game-playing computers, 3D protein folders, and humanized electronic personal assistants. Sounds like the future, right? These are technologies of the present.

The field of artificial intelligence (AI) has been around since 1956. In 1965, Gordon Moore predicted that computing would exponentially increase in power and decrease in cost through time. So far, Moore’s law has held strong and leads AI specialists to expect much more progress in the field of AI.

Many of the technologies mentioned above have machine learning and deep learning components. Learn more about these fascinating concepts of artificial intelligence.

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Career Spotlight: Data Scientist vs Machine Learning Engineer

Woman interacting with computing touch-screen containing images about data science and machine learning.

You live in a world dominated by technology and information, a world where you can’t avoid being a tech user. Technology fields like artificial intelligence, data science, robotics, machine learning, and cybersecurity are interwoven with your contemporary life. 

Data science and machine learning engineering are two tech fields that can offer great salaries and entail fascinating work. Maybe you want to expand your career skill set to work with one of many interesting topics like machine learning for big data.

What do data scientists and machine learning engineers do? Read on to learn more.

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Azure Machine Learning Overview

Cloud technologies are constantly soaring to new heights. With machine learning slowly finding its role in all competitive enterprises, much of it is also taking place in the cloud. 

In the intensely contested market for cloud computing services, Microsoft Azure has already established itself as a platform that’s popular with companies of all sizes. Keep reading for our overview of the Microsoft Azure Machine Learning suite.

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How the Machine Learning Scholarship Program for Microsoft Azure Changed Students’ Lives (Part 1)

As a students-first organization, we strive to transform our learners’ lives every day. All of our Nanodegree programs and scholarships are guided by this one mission: To train the workforce in the careers of the future.

Our partnership with Microsoft aligned with this mission and we were thrilled to launch the Machine Learning Scholarship program for Microsoft Azure. Soon after we added the DevOps Engineer for Microsoft Azure Nanodegree program and Developer for Microsoft Azure Nanodegree program

Little did we know that this partnership could positively impact the lives of so many students. We’re pleased to work with Microsoft on the Machine Learning Engineer for Microsoft Azure Nanodegree program, and we’re also inspired by the students that have used this opportunity to gain new skills. 

To celebrate our learners, we selected a handful of empowering stories from students who participated in the first phase of the scholarship program. And as you read these testimonials, we hope that you’re inspired to further your education — regardless of the program.

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