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Nanodegree Career Support

When you enroll in a career-ready Nanodegree program, you benefit from extensive and personalized career support. Throughout and beyond your education, we help you access employment opportunities and secure job offers.

  • 1:1 Feedback
    1:1 Feedback

    Optimize your resume and online presence with expert review and feedback.

  • Interviewing Experience
    Interviewing Experience

    Ace your interviews by learning data structures and algorithms and rehearsing behavioral and technical questions in advance.

  • Exclusive Employer Exposure
    Exclusive Employer Exposure

    Connect directly to great companies with open roles through your exclusive Udacity profile.

  • Alumni Community
    Alumni Community

    Network with Udacity students and alumni through forums, meetups, and more.

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Companies That Hire Udacity Students

Google Facebook AT&T Accenture Oracle Nest Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Rakuten Wipro

  • I can honestly say that I have never encountered an organization that is so committed to their mission. Udacity truly cares about helping people get jobs. They provide a wealth of resources, support, helpful tips, networking, and much more. Udacity's career services go above any other career services I've experienced.

    Dan Haddigan
    Dan Haddigan
    got hired as

    Full-Stack Web Developer at IntuitSolutions

  • Udacity helped introduce me to [the AT&T] internship program, gave me valuable projects and reviewer feedback to grow from, and helped me develop my resume and Github profile, which gave me confidence in speaking about my programming experience.

    Alan Kim
    Alan Kim
    got hired as

    Technical Intern at AT&T

  • I had one session with Udacity Career Services. They helped me to rewrite my CV and LinkedIn profile but the most important part for me is the positive energy and the confidence boost I got from the session. I was really nervous and had a lot of doubt about entering into a new field and I didn't see how my previous experience could be relevant. Kathleen's advice and positive attitude helped me see things differently.

    Muhanad Rabie
    Muhanad Rabie
    got hired as

    Jr. Front End Web Developer at Age of Learning, Inc.

  • They provided support in multiple ways. Videos showing how to prepare for a job search period, how to handle personal interviews and how to prepare the information in my CV and Linkedin profile were the most important in my case.

    Rafael Castillo
    Rafael Castillo
    got hired as

    Data Technical Architect at Beeva

Career Resources

Our Career Resource Center features a wide selection of resources, tools and opportunities to support you whether it's the beginning of your search, or your first day on the job. Select a topic below to access the Career Resource Center now. Please keep checking back, as we update our database regularly.

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Students First is the goal that motivates us and the narrative that inspires us. It is a core value at Udacity, and from it we derive the single most important question we ask ourselves every day: have we done our best by our students? Join us in our mission to improve lives.

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