Four Enterprise Courses to Upskill Your Team

While your upskill strategy will likely have multiple components, online learning is sure to be one of them. Having a plan for offering enterprise courses to your employees is the perfect place to start, but deciding which courses to promote will depend on the specific needs of your company. 

Here are some of the most ideal online courses for upskilling enterprise teams and what you need to know about the process.

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Uplevel Your Skills with These Top Online Business Classes

Being successful in the workplace isn’t only about acting as a subject matter expert in your field.  A diverse skill set not only gives you the power to open up new opportunities, it also makes you even more appealing to potential employers. Plus, it can give you an advantage when going after internal positions.

An ideal way to go beyond your area of expertise is by building relevant business skills. Here are five online classes to help you get started.

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Static Video learning: The dead-end to workforce transformation

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We’re all individuals.

All of us have individual career aspirations, goals, and visions for the future. And we have different skills and learning preferences to achieve them. Today, every organization is seeking to give its employees the best possible training to help both them and the company stay current on rapidly evolving technology trends. Employee upskilling programs are no longer a nice perk – they are a must to stay competitive. Organizations must ensure their top talent is up-to-date on trends, new industry developments, and has access to the best technology. That means companies are looking to incorporate the latest and greatest learning tools on the market to make that happen, especially when it comes to developing their next crop of managers. 

But unfortunately, new doesn’t necessarily mean better. 

Static Video learning: The dead-end to workforce transformation

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How companies need to think about the cloud and digital transformation

Enterprises are at a critical juncture: adopt and adapt technology to meet the 24×7 demands of customers, employees, and partners—or risk becoming obsolete. One of the primary shifts in responding to such demands is cloud computing.

As part of our Udacity Thought Leader webinar series, our very own Lalit Singh, COO at Udacity, sat down with Rahul Tripathi, the CTO and VP of Customer Success at Nutanix to discuss the challenges facing companies looking to embrace the cloud while remaining relevant in today’s competitive market. The conversation anchored on how the cloud is the foundational enabler of digital transformation and offers the scale and speed needed for businesses to grow.

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SXSW: How Top Companies Create Training Data

Udacity had the unique opportunity to have two of our thought leaders on a panel discussion on training data for machine learning entitled AI-AI-Oh! during SXSW 2019. The discussion triggered an exchange of viewpoints among the expert panelists which ranged from how the data is being used in various industries, how much training data you need to apply machine learning, and practical tips for the audience to consider.

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3 Tips on How to Manage Fast-Paced Learning

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Prioritizing your time, planning ahead, and relying on your community can help you successfully manage a fast-paced learning experience.

Fast-Paced Learning - Udacity

It’s one thing to know going in that a Nanodegree program is all about focused learning. It’s another thing altogether to actually experience firsthand what fast-paced learning is really like.

When we talk about our programs being compact, efficient, and effective, we mean that every minute of your classroom time is optimized for maximum learning. It’s what makes skills acquisition at this level possible, and it’s why you enrolled. But the realities can be intense. Things move fast, the projects can be difficult, and you are challenged at every point to do your very best work.

When it’s all over and done and you’ve successfully graduated, your skills will be at a whole new level, as will your confidence. But while you’re in progress, you may feel overwhelmed. The following tips can help you successfully contend with a fast-paced learning environment.

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How Do We Prepare for the Jobs of the Future?

Sebastian Thrun gives keynote address at the Midwestern Governors Association annual summit

Sebatian Thrun - Udacity - Jobs of Tomorrow - 1

This morning, Sebastian Thrun spoke at the Midwestern Governors Association, and additionally participated in a panel, with a focus on jobs of the future, workforce development, and more. The 2-day event, running from September 19-20, highlights the ways the region is “adapting education and workforce training, infrastructure, energy and quality of life assets” in response to emerging technological innovations.

On August 20, 2018, the Midwestern Governors Association (MGA) and Governor John Kasich of Ohio jointly announced that Udacity founder and chairman Sebastian Thrun would be the lead-off speaker for day two of the annual summit. This year’s theme for the conference is “The Smartland: Prepared, Agile and Empowered for the Future,” and we were thrilled for Sebastian to receive the invitation to speak. As noted in the official press release for the event, Governor Kasich mirrors our passion and urgency for the topics to be addressed:

“We are facing a tsunami of job disruption and creation in our country and we must challenge the status quo in education or risk our young people being left behind. That’s why I’m so excited to have Sebastian join us at the MGA Summit to address this important topic.”

Governor Kasich is absolutely correct in noting the existence of significant employment challenges facing our country today, and there is no question that learners of all ages and stages need and deserve ready access to programs through which they can acquire the valuable and in-demand skills necessary for success in our modern economy.

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