Java Developer Salary Expectations for 2021

COVID-19 has upended the job market for many workers across industries. Yet, the field of software development has shown positive signs of growth.

According to the 2020 Worldwide Developer Population and Demographic Study by Evans Data, the global developer population continued to grow by 500,000 in 2020, reaching a total of 24.5 million people. 

One of the main contributors to this growth is the increased dependence on software and technology. The growth in the developer population is also bolstered by the interest in people becoming software developers today. 

Java is one of the most popular programming languages and the need for Java developers will continue to grow. If you’re interested in entering this field, it’s important to know about your Java developer salary earning potential.

Java Developer Salary Expectations for 2021

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Business Analytics Salary: How Much Can You Expect to Make?

Data is the lifeblood of any business today. Businesses are increasingly using a data-driven approach to help them gain insights for better decision making resulting in better business outcomes.

Since having access to and understanding data is vital to a thriving business, the demand for business analytics professionals is also increasing.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the demand for business analysts is expected to grow 14% by 2028, which is much faster than the average for all occupations.

If you’re ready to move into a career in business analytics, we give you the intel you need to understand the job and salary range you can expect in this field.

business analytics salary

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Artificial Intelligence Engineer Salaries in 2021

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You may be interested in deep learning, soft computing, neural networks, driverless cars, or robotic systems. If so, consider becoming an artificial intelligence (AI) engineer.

The need for artificial intelligence engineers is great, as AI influences disciplines like biology, computer science, autonomous vehicle engineering, video gaming, and linguistics. As an artificial intelligence engineer, you can earn a great salary and also experience fascinating knowledge-based opportunities.

Artificial intelligence has been around for a long time. Recent projects, as noted in gameplay by AlphaGo and AlphaZero and language generation by GPT-3, demonstrate how quickly the AI field is progressing with awe-striking advancements.  

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Best React Developer Jobs and How You Can Get One

Finding a perfect, well-paying and flexible tech job is the dream of every aspiring software developer. If you’re  a developer on a quest for that perfect opportunity it’s highly likely that you have considered learning React — one of the most popular libraries in the world of front end development. 

In fact, according to the Enterprise JavaScript Survey, 63% of javascript developers use React as a framework making it the most popular JavaScript framework ever.

Thanks to its outstanding rendering capabilities, ReactJS is ideal for creating web applications quickly with minimal coding. It’s also an essential framework for all front end developers to master. 

Let’s dig into why React developer jobs and graining traction.Here’s an overview of react developer jobs and how you can land one.

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Cloud Engineer Salary: A Guide to One of the Best Jobs in America for 2021

The market for cloud and cloud-related services is quickly growing. Thanks to global organizations migrating different functions to cloud-based systems, cloud engineers are in high demand.

According to a  Robert Half report, 94% of managers surveyed are either currently using the cloud or expect to do so within the next three to five years. 

If you want to  break into cloud engineering in 2021,  here is everything you need to know about the career opportunities and earning potential in this field.

Cloud Engineer Salary

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Self-driving Car Engineer Salary: What You Can Expect in 2021

You may be interested in self-driving cars and curious about working with robotic systems or artificial intelligence. If so, consider becoming a self-driving car engineer. 

There are many types of jobs available to work on self-driving cars with leading companies. You can earn a great salary and experience fascinating knowledge-based opportunities.

Self-driving cars and related technologies have been in development for a long time. However, recent advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence have facilitated substantial progress in the self-driving car industry.   

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SEO Salaries: What You Can Expect to Make

SEO, once considered a “nice to have” for marketing strategies, has emerged to become one of the most important digital marketing tactics to date.

Without SEO, it’s impossible to gauge the success of your digital marketing efforts. 

 In fact, every seasoned marketer knows that SEO is about building strategies that will increase discoverability for a site over time. And, it isn’t a one-time exercise. 

Since search algorithms change constantly, the SEO world is always changing and provides endless learning opportunities. This is also why it’s such a popular career choice, with earning potential. 

Here’s a look at SEO salaries and what you can expect to make in various from entry- to senior-level positions

SEO Salaries

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