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WEBINAR: Building an Equitable Future in STEM with OneTen Coalition

One of the most important things we can do as a community is to provide opportunities. It’s also vital to celebrate successes and promote a future where everyone has a chance to succeed. 

This kind of attention has never been more critical for underrepresented groups in STEM. It will give those who want to pursue STEM education deeply needed support.

Learn more about the upcoming diversity and inclusion webinar — Building an Equitable Future in STEM — hosted by Udacity and its partners below. 

An Informative Webinar You Don’t Want to Miss

On October 27, 2021 at 11 a.m. PST, diversity and inclusion thought leaders and advocates will gather for a lively panel discussion about the current state of diversity, inclusion, and equity in STEM fields. More importantly, they’ll cover the changes that need to take place to make progress and create a real difference.

Recently, Udacity announced a landmark scholarship with OneTen. 

There’s never been a stronger case for diversity and inclusion in an industry than there is for STEM-related fields. Both private and public leaders are taking steps to overcome unconscious bias and barriers to inclusion. Nevertheless, racial inequity remains, and progress in the area is moving at a snail’s pace.

According to The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, two out of three U.S. jobs and nearly 70 percent of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) can be attributed to scientific, engineering, and math activities,” and that “STEM jobs also generate $2.3 trillion in tax revenues annually. In turn, demand for STEM professionals is at an all-time high.

Who Is OneTen?

OneTen is a coalition of top CEOs and companies. The organization’s goal is to train, hire and promote the STEM careers of one million Black Americans over the next ten years. The group will target those without bachelor’s degrees with scholarships to help them launch and grow STEM careers.

The webinar is in partnership with OneTen, Udacity, and The Bridge Group. During the event, you can look forward to thought-provoking insights delivered by the following webinar leaders.

Webinar Participants and Guests

OneTen CEO Maurice Jones

Maurice Jones is the Chief Executive Officer of OneTen. He brings his experience in both the public and private sectors to lead the OneTen coalition mission. As the inaugural CEO of OneTen, Mr. Jones leads the effort to establish the organization’s reach and impact.

The Bridgespan Group Partner Willa Seldon

Willa Seldon is a partner in the Bridgespan Group’s San Francisco office. As an advisor to nonprofits, social enterprises, and foundations, she brings her experience in commercial joint ventures and mergers to the conversation.

Udacity CEO Gabe Dalporto

Gabe Dalporto is the current CEO of Udacity. He has managed some of the largest and most successful corporate turnarounds in the last ten years.

Udacity Moderator Eraina Ferguson

Our moderator, Eraina Ferguson, is the head marketing and communications manager at Udacity. As a Pledge to Equality graduate, she understands how Udacity is committed to diversity and inclusion. 

Register for the OneTen Coalition STEM Webinar Today

Udacity is excited to invite you to attend the Building an Equitable Future in STEM webinar on October 27 at 11 a.m. PST. Make sure to register for the event today.

Eraina Ferguson
Eraina Ferguson
Eraina Ferguson is the Marketing and Communications Manager at Udacity. Her recent monologue, Listen to Her, was read by actress Marla Gibbs and featured at the WACO Theatre’s 50in50 event. Her writing has been featured on NBC Universal, Red Tricycle, LA Parents Magazine, and the LA Times. Eraina lives in California with her husband and children.