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The Best AWS Developer Jobs: What You Need to Know to Land One

Working as an AWS Developer is a promising career path. With solid skills and experience, you can expect a salary reaching well into six figures with tremendous opportunities for growth.

If you’re new to the tech industry, the initials AWS might not ring a bell. But once you know AWS stands for Amazon Web Services and refers to Amazon’s cloud-based platform, it’s easy to see why AWS developer jobs are in high demand within the tech giant’s far-reaching ecosystem.

Amazon Web Services is the world’s leading cloud platform. Providing nearly one-third of all cloud-based services, AWS is a pillar of the global economy. This means companies are under constant pressure to keep AWS developer jobs filled, and demand for skilled developers continues to outpace supply. 

AWS Cloud is the underpinning of much of the technology we use today, including websites, data management, monitoring and more. With Amazon reporting $14.8 million in sales in Q2 2021 alone — a 37% increase over Q2 2020 — the adoption of AWS shows no signs of slowing down.

Here’s our guide to the best AWS Developer jobs now.

The AWS Developer’s Day-to-Day Role 

An AWS Developer is a cloud developer that works specifically with application software and programs within the AWS platform, including e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming and artificial intelligence

AWS Developers write code to optimize the ways in which organizations use AWS and oversee the configuration of features in services ranging from content delivery to data storage. 

Some common duties for the best AWS Developer jobs include: 

  • Overseeing effective, cost-efficient design, development and validation of cloud software and programs.
  • Using a service such as CloudFormation to write infrastructure as code.
  • Defining and documenting strategies and best practices for migrations, infrastructure maintenance and application deployments.
  • Implementing strategies for service capacity planning.
  • Setting up a monitoring stack and reporting.
  • Ongoing knowledge management.

The Best AWS Developer Jobs: Common Job Titles 

AWS Developer jobs are not the only roles to fill within the AWS universe. Becoming proficient and certified in various AWS specialties opens doors to a multitude of opportunities.

Here’s a list of common job titles for the best AWS Developer jobs: 

AWS Developer – Develop cloud software services and applications.

Cloud Support Engineer – Help customers with their AWS applications, debug reported problems, build and maintain AWS test instances and work with AWS Cloud Developers to better understand and support the product.

Cloud Software Engineer (AWS) – Program, design and implement new cloud systems and AWS cloud software services. 

AWS Cloud Architect – Design cloud architecture and lead implementations, working with customers and engineers to deliver the best solutions for stakeholders. 

AWS SysOps Administrator – Install, configure, operate, maintain and monitor AWS cloud systems, software and infrastructures.

AWS Solutions Architect – Architect, build and maintain efficient and scalable AWS cloud environments. 

AWS DevOps Engineer – Design cloud solutions that impact and continuously improve business operations, perform server maintenance, debug and patch as needed. 

Salaries and Experience for AWS Developers 

According to, the national average salary for an AWS Developer with less than a year of experience in the role is $103,621.

ZipRecruiter reports the average annual salary for cloud computing roles is $117, 041 in the United States. On the low end, new AWS Developers can expect to earn $77,000 in annual salary, and on the high end, experienced developers make as much as $139,000 in 2021. 

If you are looking to land an AWS Developer position, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent industry experience. Additionally, you must be able to demonstrate a strong understanding of AWS technology and core services by taking certification exams. 

To set yourself apart as a candidate, you should be able to show that you have experience building, maintaining and troubleshooting cloud-native applications, object-oriented programming and distributed systems. 

Familiarity with large-scale system design, web-based applications, front-end UI development and proficiency in HTML, CSS, SQL and Advanced JavaScript will ensure you stand out from other candidates. 

With increased cloud migration to AWS, small and medium-sized companies, as well as enterprise-level organizations across all industries, are increasingly looking to fill AWS Developer roles. 

Uplevel Your Skills to Become an AWS Developer

AWS Developers offer potential employers valuable skills vital to the operation and growth of their business. The new world of software development is happening in the cloud, and opportunities for growth in this high-demand, well-paid career path will only continue to expand. 

If you’re interested in pursuing a career as an AWS Developer, the Udacity Cloud Developer Nanodegree will help you uplevel your education and experience to land one of the best AWS Developer jobs. 

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