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Artificial intelligence (AI) has quickly become part of our everyday lives, and it’s rapidly transforming how we work. A Gartner study reported that the use of AI in business grew by 270% in a four-year period, and that AI is seen as a game-changer in the face of a talent shortage.

As organizations use AI to help address their skills gap, there are a number of surprising ways they can use AI to help with team development. AI has the potential to transform your workforce by upgrading your team development programs. 

Here are five ways that AI can enhance your employee development and upskill your team.

#1. Personalize Employee Learning

Each of your employees has a different learning style, so team development programs need to account for those differences.

By using AI, you can personalize learning to the optimal learning style of each employee, which can increase the impact of the training. You’ll save valuable time by ensuring employees get training in the most efficient way possible. 

#2. Increase Accuracy Measurement and Improve Rates of Completion

While upskilling your workforce through team development is a solid strategy, your efforts need monitoring and measurement on an ongoing basis to ensure success.

AI-powered systems gather all the relevant data and analyze it so there’s a measurement of team development efforts. This data helps refine offerings, as well as identify any areas where the employee did not perform well.

The more data you have to measure and confirm progress, the better equipped you are to meet learning objectives for team development. 

#3. Improve Accessibility

Accessibility is a huge priority with learning, and if you want your team development to be successful, that means ensuring that no learners are left behind.

For those who are visually or hearing impaired, AI-powered training can adjust to meet their specific needs — be it including additional text to explain images and pictures or providing transcripts and closed captioning.

#4. Allow for Feedback to Be More Objective

Feedback is a critical component of team development and fostering a strong learning environment for your employees. However, it can often be challenging to provide learners with specific, personalized feedback when you aren’t learning alongside them.

AI-powered learning enables you to have a completely neutral third-party in the mix, tracking an employee’s progress every step of the way. Employees receive feedback specific to their personal learning experience, which offers the learner more opportunity to be successful. 

#5. Provide Hands-On Support 

Learning and Development teams are often constrained with their progress for one simple reason — lack of people to do the work.

For example, you have 100 employees who need to go through company-specific training and two people capable of overseeing the training. That’s a 50:1 ratio of learners to teachers, which makes it challenging to ensure everyone is getting the support they need.

However, with AI-powered learning, you can use a digital tutor, which means everyone is getting support. You’re not replacing the role of the teacher, but freeing them up to have more meaningful interactions with all learners — not just those who need the most guidance. 

Power Your Team Development with AI

As technology increases, so will the need for ongoing team development. AI offers supplementary support to ensure your organization has the resources needed to offer ongoing team development.

Using AI for team development helps create an engaged and productive workforce as they’re having their learning needs met. 

Are you interested in leveraging AI to create a strategy for your team development?

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