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Artificial Intelligence Hub — Deep Insight Into the Inventive World of AI

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Welcome to the Artificial Intelligence Hub!

This hub provides you with a comprehensive repository for information about artificial intelligence (AI) — one of the most enabling areas of technology today!

Artificial intelligence includes diverse topics like machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and neural networks. AI technology powers progress across industries.

Big data and cloud computing strengthen AI tech and make AI more useful and widely available. Economists, manufacturers, healthcare practitioners, biologists, and various tech specialists like roboticists and autonomous-systems developers use AI.

You have many reasons to be curious and excited about AI. Artificial intelligence enables sophisticated technologies like self-driving cars, humanized artificial personal assistants, intelligent game-playing computers, disease-diagnosing applications, and compassionate robots.

A future with AI can improve people’s lives.

Artificial Intelligence Hub Content

Here at Udacity’s AI hub, you’ll find information about timely topics like:

More artificial intelligence content will be available as it is published, so stay tuned!

Artificial Intelligence Broadens Possibilities

Artificial intelligence opens doors to opportunities once never conceived of. People can process and understand data at ever-increasing rates. AI enables people to extract novel insights from data like alternative uses for prescription medicines in human diseases.

Aided by AI, people can more effectively manage businesses, explore other planets, and play games better than ever.

AI concepts like neural networks, machine learning, and deep learning enable people to equip robots with computer vision — a form of sight analogous to human vision.

Artificial intelligence tools are at the forefront of progressive technologies. Whether you want to have fun or complete work with AI — or, perhaps, do a bit of both — you are in luck. Unique and varied applications of AI are likely to grow in the years ahead.

Learn Artificial Intelligence Today

Udacity’s team is passionate about artificial intelligence and wants to share their enthusiasm with you. Udacity’s founder, Sebastian Thrun, is an expert in robotics and autonomous vehicle development — two focal areas with brilliant applications of AI.

Udacity offers many online training programs related to artificial intelligence. The team currently offers 15 programs in the School of Artificial Intelligence for learners across skill levels.

There are many programs that may resonate with you:

Enjoy exploring the resources in this hub and consider registering for a gripping Nanodegree program today!

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