From optimizing lead generation to figuring out which pieces of content are getting results, marketing analytics tools offer crucial information that can mean the difference between a successful or a failed campaign.

According to Gartner’s Annual CMO Spend Survey 2019-2020 Research, marketing analytics ranks as the top investment for marketing dollars, accounting for 16% of a marketer’s yearly budget.

Here are four of the top marketing analytics tools to consider for your organization.

Google Analytics

If you’re looking for a marketing analytics tool that can provide both business intelligence and data visualization capabilities, Google Analytics is one of the most widely used platforms on the market. 

With the ability to create goals and set benchmarks, Google Analytics can be set up to focus on the data that is most meaningful to your marketing strategy and measure ROI on marketing campaigns.

Custom dashboards, conversion tracking, traffic reporting, search engine optimization recommendations, and e-commerce data are just a few of the features this marketing analytics tool provides.

Google Data Studio

If you’re looking for more advanced options from a marketing analytics tool, including analysis and data visualization, Google Data Studio is your answer. This platform is designed so you can connect data from Google Analytics, Ads, BigQuery spreadsheets, as well as over 200 other data sources.

With reusable templates and a full library of visualizations to work with, you have the option to customize and design reports that suit your specific needs. Reports can be generated based on segments, geography, or set time periods, and the tool offers advanced formulas such as calculated fields and metrics.


As one of the more popular marketing analytics tools among product teams, MixPanel offers a combination of behavioral analytics, data validation and governance, and a robust user analytics infrastructure.

MixPanel is user friendly with extensive documentation of its functionality and a convenient mobile app. Plus, this tool stands out thanks to its treatment of funnels. If marketing funnels are a key part of your strategy, MixPanel enables you to create and track funnels, along with accompanying user events.


KissMetrics offers some of the deepest tracking that can be found within marketing analytics tools. With the ability to track and store any contact customers have with your company, the behavioral insights it offers are integral to building marketing strategies.

From tracking the end-to-end customer journey to A/B testing and conversion rate measurement, this tool is a complete marketing solution. KissMetrics is designed to be suitable for users from novice to advanced, and easily provides data at-a-glance for every facet of your marketing campaigns.

Leverage Your Tools and Your Team

Marketing analytics tools are a key component in enabling businesses to leverage critical data that can assist them in making smarter decisions about where marketing budgets should be spent. 

By ensuring you (or your team) are skilled in using these tools and leveraging the data to make better decisions, your marketing department will be able to improve overall marketing results.

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