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Introducing the PyTorch Scholarship Challenge from Facebook

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UPDATE: This scholarship program has ended, but you can enroll in the free Introduction to Deep Learning with PyTorch course! 

Earn a scholarship from Facebook and Udacity, and learn how to build, train, and deploy state-of-the-art deep learning models with PyTorch. Apply today!

PyTorch Scholarship Challenge from Facebook - Udacity

Today, we’re pleased to share details of our newest offering to rapidly expand students’ machine learning skills —the PyTorch Scholarship Challenge from Facebook.

PyTorch is an open source deep learning framework that’s quickly become popular with AI researchers for its ease of use, clean Pythonic API, and flexibility. With the preview release of PyTorch 1.0, developers can now seamlessly move from exploration to production deployment using a single, unified framework.

This new scholarship program, announced today at the PyTorch Developer Conference, offers participants the opportunity to acquire cutting-edge skills in deep learning using PyTorch, and earn a full scholarship to Udacity’s Deep Learning Nanodegree program.

Facebook’s support and investment will make 10,000 seats available for a new Udacity Challenge Course; “Introduction to Deep Learning with PyTorch.” Upon successfully completing the first phase of the program, 300 students will then go on to earn full scholarships.

New Course: Introduction to Deep Learning with PyTorch

We’re thrilled to have Soumith Chintala contributing to the new Intro to Deep Learning with PyTorch course. Not only is Soumith an Artificial Intelligence Research Engineer at Facebook, he is the creator of PyTorch. His invaluable contributions in our classroom make this a truly singular learning experience for anyone interested in advancing their deep learning and AI skills. In the course, students will gain expertise with the basics of deep learning, and build their own deep neural networks using PyTorch. They’ll also get practical experience with PyTorch through coding exercises and projects implementing state-of-the-art AI applications such as style transfer and text generation.

“As an AI professional and practitioner, I personally love using PyTorch, because it fits perfectly into a normal Python data workflow, it’s easy to build both simple and complex networks, and now with the new features you can easily deploy your models. I’m extremely excited to support our students as they master this tool, and start to apply it in their own new and innovative ways.” —Mat Leonard, Product Lead, Udacity School of AI

The PyTorch Scholarship Challenge from Facebook

The PyTorch Scholarship Challenge from Facebook is structured in two phases:

  • Phase 1 is the Challenge Course. The duration of this course is two months, and program participants will receive support from community managers throughout their learning experience, as they become part of a dynamic student community and network of scholars.
  • In Phase 2, the top 300 students (in terms of output and collaboration) from the first phase will earn full scholarships to Udacity’s Deep Learning Nanodegree program, where they’ll cover topics such as: Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks, Generative Adversarial Networks, Deployment, and more. Students will use PyTorch, and have access to GPUs to train models faster, as they learn from authorities like Sebastian Thrun, Ian Goodfellow, Jun-Yan Zhu, and Andrew Trask.

Full details on how to apply for this opportunity can be found here.

Expanded Partnership: Facebook and Udacity

This new offering is an exciting expansion of a partnership that launched with Mobile Developer Education at F8 in April 2017, followed by the launch of our new Mobile Design and Usability course in November 2017.

Now, with the addition of Intro to Deep Learning with PyTorch to the Udacity-Facebook catalogue—and the creation of the new PyTorch Scholarship Challenge from Facebook—both organizations can look forward to a fantastic influx of new learners focused on mastering the boldest and most important AI and deep learning tools.

We’re thrilled to collaborate with Facebook in creating incredible learning experiences for deserving students across the globe, and Facebook’s commitment to supporting the next generation of AI talent is something we’re excited to match lesson for lesson, program for program, and opportunity for opportunity.

Are you ready to learn PyTorch? Are you interested in AI, and ready to gain expertise with cutting-edge deep learning tools and techniques? Then apply to the PyTorch Scholarship Challenge from Facebook today!

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