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New Udacity Classroom

The Udacity classroom is the heart of your learning journey, and we want to make certain you love what you experience there. Our goal is to provide you with the world’s greatest virtual classroom, to ensure you’re able to achieve every goal and dream you have for your education. This is why we’re so excited today to introduce you to your new Udacity classroom!

We’ve implemented some upgrades we think you’ll find really valuable. Here are just some of the new features you’ll start enjoying today!

A Bird’s-Eye-View of your Nanodegree Program

Your program syllabus is the nerve center of your Nanodegree program. It’s where you’ll find everything available to you as a Nanodegree program student, from your core curriculum, to recommended supplemental resources and career content. With the new bird’s-eye-view, you’ll always be able to quickly get an overview of any resource or content asset you might need at any given time—this means less time spent searching, and more time spent learning.

New Udacity Classroom - Syllabus

Your Nanodegree program contains an incredible amount of immersive content, and you now have the perfect way to maintain a clear overview of everything that’s available to you.

Progress Tracking

Time management is so critical for a successful Nanodegree program experience, and these new progress tracking features should significantly enhance your ability to meet deadlines, manage projects, and set both short- and long-term goals. With the addition of a new left-hand overview, plus headers and lesson cards, you’ll always know at a glance:

  • How much progress you’ve made to date in your lessons
  • When your next project is due
  • How much additional time will be required to finish your next lesson

New Udacity Classroom - Lesson Path

Each of the new lesson cards illustrates your progress to date, and the “Resume Learning” button takes you exactly to where you left off previously. You’ll always be able to track your overall progress in the core navigation, located on the left side of your classroom screen.

Understanding what you need to do, when you need to do it, and how long it’s going to take is so important when it comes to balancing your learning with the other commitments in your life. These new features enable you to stay on track, and get the most from your available classroom time.

New Udacity Classroom - Detail

Easy Access to your Learning Resources

As a Udacity student, regardless if your are a Nanodegree student or you learn with our free courses, your curriculum is the core of your learning experience. Now you also have a wealth of additional tools and services at your disposal that you can use to advance your progress and accelerate your success. With the enhanced left-hand navigation, you’re never more than a click away from everything you need to succeed. You’re able to quickly do all of the following and more:

  • See the remaining concepts in a lesson, and identify what each one covers
  • Locate quizzes that will help you review and test your skills
  • Search for a specific curriculum component or asset

New Udacity Classroom - Concept Viewer

Everything we’re rolling out today is the result of months of testing, and every upgrade is powered by brilliant feedback from our partners, our instructors, and most importantly, our students. As you begin to work and learn in the new classroom, please let us know what you think! Your insights are invaluable, and we want to make certain we’re providing you the best experience possible. We hope you’ll find the new classroom to be an incredible learning environment—one that rewards your commitment, supports your aspirations, and accelerates your progress.

If you’d like to enjoy a guided tour of the new classroom experience, we created this video just for you:

Your new Udacity classroom! from Udacity.

More than anything else, we hope the new classroom provides you with everything you need to successfully advance through the curriculum, and become a proud and successful Udacity graduate. We know firsthand from our hiring partners—and from all the companies who have hired our graduates—that Udacity alumni are among the best prepared, most qualified, grittiest and most determined candidates they’ve ever met. We can’t wait for you to experience the new classroom as you continue your learning journey towards the amazing future you’re already building.

P.S. Did you know that our new Udacity app for iPhone and Android delivers most of the same awesome classroom features as well? Download them today, and discover world-class mobile learning!

Udacity’s new classroom experience is an official People’s Choice nominee for a Webby! Please go to the official entry page and vote by April 20th!

Markus Spiering
Markus Spiering
Markus is the VP for Student Experience at Udacity. In his role he is responsible for all things from product management to design to all services for our students. Prior to Udacity, Markus led product management and design at companies including Flickr, and other Yahoo products. When he is not at Udacity, the chances are high that he is on the road in his old Volkswagen camper van.