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Padmasree Warrior Udacity Talks

Padmasree Warrior was Chief Technology and Strategy Officer (CTSO) at Cisco for approximately three years. During that time, Forbes placed her on “The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women” list not once, but twice. Prior to starting at Cisco in 2008 as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), she was the CTO and Senior Vice President (SVP) at Motorola. Fortune has called her “the woman with the most powerful name in tech.” With a decades-long career at some of the biggest names in the business, she’s earned the accolade. So when she left it all behind to join an electric car startup, the news was … well, electrifying.

Why did she do it?

That’s one of many questions you’ll be able to ask her directly, as we’re very excited to announce that Padmasree Warrior is our next guest on Udacity Talks!


Episode 8: Padmasree Warrior!


The event will be on Facebook Live. Just like our page, and tune in on Thursday! If you’d like to submit questions in advance for Padmasree to answer live, RSVP today and you’ll receive a link to submit your questions!

,The company Padmasree joined is NIO, an electric vehicle company with a mission of delivering mobility that is safe, green, efficient and accessible. Since she became CEO, the company has already celebrated its first product launch. As might be expected, it’s been HUGE news, because what Nio launched turned out to be “the fastest electric car in the world.”

Warrior’s vision for our automotive future can largely be summed up by a single term: Car 3.0.

“Car 3.0 will be a robot that looks like a high-performance car. The future is not really about driving, it is about being, and that is the power of the Car 3.0. In the future cars will give us freedom with our time, they won’t imprison us for hours at a time on roads.”

Warrior’s focus is grounded in some stark modern realities:

“The bottom line is that the commute equals misery. Studies show commuting and traffic lead to a lot of health issues: stress, high blood pressure, depression, obesity, suicidal tendencies, in addition to the pollution that these cars cause. This is a major problem we face, but these things can be fixed.”

The opportunity to experience firsthand a live, unscripted dialogue between two such influential voices in this space—Padmasree Warrior and host Sebastian Thrun—is something not to be missed by anyone interested in the future of … well, the future! And given that the talk will be powered by YOUR questions, it’s all the more reason to tune in.

Please join us on Thursday for Episode 8 of Udacity Talks—the online talk series that brings together the most important thinkers in Silicon Valley to discuss education, careers, technology and beyond in exclusive Q&A sessions. Sebastian Thrun is our host, Padmasree Warrior is our guest, and you are are invited to RSVP today!

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