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If you look up the word “polymath” in the dictionary and find a picture of Astro Teller, don’t be surprised.

Astro Teller, Udacity Talks

(Astro Teller, Udacity Talks guest, Wed, June 1, 4pm PDT)

Astro Teller: Polymath

Astro Teller holds a Masters of Science in symbolic and heuristic computation, a Bachelor of Science in computer science, and a Ph.D. in artificial intelligence. He has founded or co-founded a hedge fund management firm, a wearable body monitoring company, and an intellectual property holding company. He is the author of several fiction books, and recently co-authored a nonfiction work with his wife. He has taught at Stanford, and was the recipient of the prestigious Hertz fellowship while at Carnegie Mellon University.

Astro Teller:  Captain of Moonshots

And yet! And yet … despite all these remarkable accomplishments, it is undoubtedly his current role that he is most known for:

“There are few people more qualified to talk about shaping the future than Google’s Astro Teller.” —Fortune Magazine

“Teller says things like, ‘We are serious as a heart attack about making the world a better place’ with a straight face. He compares Google X to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, a magical workshop that needs to be insulated from the world’s judgmental eyes.” —Bloomberg

“He isn’t the president or chairman of Google X, however; his actual title, as his etched-glass business card proclaims, is Captain of Moonshots—”moonshots” being his catchall description for audacious innovations that have a slim chance of succeeding but might revolutionize the world if they do.” —Fast Company

If this sounds like someone you want to talk to, then you’re in luck!

Astro Teller: Udacity Talks Guest!

We are extremely excited that Astro Teller is the featured guest for Episode 2 of our new series, Udacity Talks! This series is a truly unique opportunity for our students to engage directly with some of the most important thinkers in Silicon Valley, and Dr. Teller most decidedly qualifies for that moniker. Each episode of Udacity Talks is a live stream event, during which our guests field questions sent in directly by our students. These questions are either submitted in advance (via a link in the RSVP confirmation email), or in real time as the event is taking place (via the YouTube live feed, or on social media).

Astro Teller: RSVP Today!

There is still time to RSVP for this event! It takes place on Wednesday, June 1, starting at 4pm PDT. Just click here, and submit your email. You’ll immediately receive a confirmation in your inbox, which will contain both a link to the live stream for you to bookmark, and a link to submit your questions in advance for Dr. Teller. If you’d like to get a sense of what to expect from this Udacity Talks event, please view the series trailer:


And also be sure to check out the previous Udacity Talks episode, which featured Tony Fadell, CEO & Co-Founder, Nest.

Finally, we can’t resist giving you one more quote in reference to Dr. Teller. If you recall, we noted above that he recently co-wrote a nonfiction book with his wife, Dr. Danielle Teller. The book is in fact about divorce & marriage, and it is entitled Sacred Cows.

Astro Teller, Udacity Talks

“Of all the bovine-themed masterpieces in literary history, SACRED COWS is by far the best one ever written about marriage and divorce.” ―John Dick, CEO of Civic Science

RSVP today, and we’ll see you on Wednesday!


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