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One of the amazing things about working at Udacity is all the remarkable people you get to meet and connect with.  The leaders, teachers, dreamers, builders, creators, innovators and agitators who are actively shaping our futures, who are bringing learning alive for our students—these are the people we get to interact with every day.

Now, we’re so pleased to share this experience with our students. With the launch of Udacity Talks, we are providing a rare and special opportunity to connect with some of the most amazing and influential thinkers in our Silicon Valley community!

Udacity Talks

Udacity Talks is a brand-new series of live stream Q&A events with Silicon Valley leaders, innovators, and influencers, available especially for Udacity students! This will be your opportunity to ask questions and gain insights in real time, from the leaders who are shaping the future of technology and beyond. We’ll be hosting live stream events with two speakers a month, and the debut episode will be on May 13th, with Tony Fadell, CEO of Nest.

To participate, just go to the Udacity Talks landing page, and click the RSVP button under the current speaker. Fill in your details, and when you’re done, you’ll receive an email confirmation. This email will include a button to submit questions in advance (speakers will be taking questions in real time as well), and a link to bookmark the live stream event location on YouTube Live. On the actual day of the talk, you’ll receive a reminder email that will again include the exclusive live stream event link—this link will also be available on the landing page.

Each speaker will bring something unique to the table, but the primary goal of the series will be to provide education and career advice. Each of our guests will begin by speaking for 15-20 minutes, and then we’ll open the chat to student questions.

Here is the full roster of speakers currently scheduled for Udacity Talks episodes:

We passionately believe in equal opportunity for all aspiring learners, and we know firsthand how important personal connections can be as you pursue your career and life goals. Being able to learn from, talk with, and gain insights directly from the individuals who are defining the space you’ve set your career sights on can be a really powerful and motivating experience. But, this kind of experience is often not possible for everyone—the people you’d hope to connect with aren’t always accessible, and other circumstances may be barriers as well. With Udacity Talks, our aim is to provide opportunities and access you might not otherwise have. After all, it’s not everyday you get to chat directly with people like Tony Fadell, Jess Lee, Yann LeCun, or … Sebastian Thrun!


Chris Morell
Chris Morell
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